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[QUOTE=8413670;4181713]Hey hapachik,
it's great to hear you are feeling better! :angel:
I too wish my neck muscle spasms and all of these crackling bone noises would alleviate a bit.. aha I'm probably just dreaming on. :( Anyway, few days ago I've searched NUCCA chiro in this area and I've found Dr. Yardley as well. and I'm so glad he's in my area. maybe I should give it a try?
and oh, since my bone structures are resulted from the bad bite / poor jaw stabilization I have currently, I don't know if I should give it a try RIGHTAWAY for the chiro, because I mean I'm sure it will lessen a bit, but until my bite is in the right position, the body will not follow.. so I don't know if I should wait or not because it's like pouring water into a broken glass.. if you know what I mean..

and honestly, I am like, so hesitant in choosing the doctors.
I've researched Dr. Rojas online but let's say Dr. Spahl has like 100 pages of information about him & his tmj, etc, Dr. Rojas had so little info compare to spahl. maybe like, 10? :confused:
but Her cost is totally reasonable, because it includes examinations+orthopedics+etc. but I just don't know if she has some-what successful rates or if she can fix me.
and you know, it'd be a LOT nicer to see a doctor in Cali, rather than in Minnesota. :D

please keep us updated. :wave:[/QUOTE]

Hi 8413670! It's my first week of NUCCA chiro (with Dr. Yardley), and it's been going pretty well. I've had 2 adjustments. The other two days were just to see how my spine is holding, and it's been holding the position pretty well, until yesterday when my whole face / head felt horrible. I even had a headache / migraine last night. I woke up this morning ok, but as the morning progressed, it was horrible. I felt like I literally had to hold my head on my neck. And, the left side of my jaw felt worse than the right side.:(

So, I went back to the chiro this morning and he did the 2nd adjustment this week, and I felt much better. It's so bizarre; it feels like nothing really, except you can see the amount of force / pressure that the chiro puts in his arms / hands and you hear the tiniest "pop", but you don't feel a thing, except for relief :D! He did that about 4 times, and after the 3rd it felt like a weight came off. I can't explain it, but it felt better. I just hope it lasts through this weekend.

Oh, and about Dr. Rojas, I know she only has a few pages on her website. But, IMO sometimes you can't just go with the "amount", it's about the importance of what they are trying to convey. It's a quality vs. quantity thing - I mean, if it's all just redundancy, it's a waste. When I spoke with Dr. Rojas, she explained in great detail the procedure, and when I asked how her success rate was, it's about 95%, the other 5% that she doesn't have success with are the ones who have had surgery. And, I personally do not want to deal with the docs who could care less (like how I tried to contact 2 TMJ docs here that never called or emailed me back :mad:), and just nickel and dime you to death.

You are in such an early phase that I would recommend finding someone soon before it gets worse. Let me know how it goes with Pehling, if you decide to see him.

Have a nice weekend!!! :wave:

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