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I'm trying really hard to figure out what is wrong with me. I'm SO tired! I want to stop moving my jaw and mouth, but I can't seem to. I seem to be pursing my lips all the time. Also, when I'm at rest and I'm doing something quiet like reading, I tend to bite my tongue. I am always thrusting my tongue against my front teeth and moving my mouth.

Could this be TMJ? Or is it a movement disorder or some sort? How do I fix it?!?
I started this way - my tongue began making a circling motion around my back teeth and then eventually went to thrusting forward and my jaw just wouldn't sit still. Chances are even if it is a movement disorder most are often triggered by some type of trauma or injury to the head or neck that affects the brain stem and even a significant change in bite can induce that. If you do go see an neurologist make sure he/she specializes in movement disorders or check out the Nat'l Movement Disorder websites for member drs. Also they will probably want to do a needle EMG to check muscle response time based on stimulation - be forewarned this can be quite painful IMO and if your muscle response seems normal if not overly responsive it does not mean you still do not have a neurological problem that may have been triggered by tmj dysfunction - most times neuros look for a reduced response time to indicate a possible movement disorder - again another reason to make sure the neuro you see has the right training to know what he is looking for or what your test may be showing (or not showing).

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