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I've had tinnitus all my life, and about 4 years ago developed a fullness feeling, crackling, pooping, and new tinnitus sounds. I was checked for TMJD many years ago, But did not have and MRI, This doctor ruled out TMJD. So that's were I left it. But I new something wasn't quite right.

I was retested for TMJD about a year ago, and my MRI showed my discs out of position. The MRI was key for my diagnoses.

I have been wearing a splint for a year, and progress has been very very slow. But after reading through these threads and finding out what happens to people after surgery. This seems like the most sensible, least invasive approach.

So find yourself a good doctor that specializes in TMJD easier said than done. I got lucky with that one. Get yourself check out. Get an MRI. Don't wait, the sooner the better. I don't think this thing can get better on its own.

I felt better mentally, knowing the doctor found something. After a while, With all the doctors look at you like your crazy, you start to feel like you are.

I was wondering, does the pitch of your tinnitus change when you clench your jaw? Mine did all my life, after wearing the splint it no longer does.

Good luck
I get more of a crackling and sometimes gurgling sounds.

I'm not sure what you mean by vibrating, but I do get a feeling of being under water in my ears when I bend over to exercise or lay flat on the bench press. I talked to another TMJ sufferer at the gym and he has the same thing, after his accident that gave him TMJD.

I do have a burning sensation in the back of my neck. That comes and goes, since all this madness started.

As for doctors, I found I got some relief after seeing a chiropractor, after my first adjustment, The tone of my Tinnitus changed, for the first time in 20 years, and I found my hearing improved, I couldn't believe it. I got my hearing retested and my slight hearing loss, that I had most of my life was gone. After that I knew it had something to do with TMJD.

My Chiropractor referred me to my TMJ guy, he is a TMJD oro-facial pain D.D.S. Pretty much the only guy around here in Buffalo, and I had to wait 4 months to get a consultation. And then I had to pay out of pocket and fight the insurance companies. But they finally came up with some money.

I'm sure the MRI will rule out any kind of tumor, I have learned this affliction can cause many many different symptoms, and sensations.
I have no real jaw pain at all. My symptoms are all ear related. I still get tons of relapses, but I'm doing a lot better after wearing the splint.

Hope this Helps

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