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Recently I was diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. Also recently I was told by a GP that I have some fluid build up in my inner ear, possibly caused by a eustachian tube not draining. Here's the story...

3 months ago I had serious sinus head ache and ringing in my ears. A GP said it was a sinus infection, put me on antibiotics and everything cleared up. A day and a half after I finished the antibiotics the ringing started again, along with pressure in my ear. Soon after, the sinus headache started again. The second round of antibiotics helped the sinus headache, but didn't do a thing for the tinnitus.

2 months ago I started having jaw pain. I went to the dentist and she said I had a slipped disk in my jaw and muscle spasm, and referred me to a TMJ specialist. I saw the specialist last week, and he confirmed that it was TMJ and has fitted me with a mouth splint (which I will get in 10 more days). Apparently I'm a "clencher".

Last week I also saw a GP because I couldn't stand the pressure and ringing in my ears anymore. Every time I swallow my ears crackle and pop, with absolutely no relief in regards to the ringing or pressure.

My main question is... does this all sound TMJ related? Could the blocked eustachian tube and fluid build-up be because of TMJ?

Is it normal for tinnitus to be the first symptom of TMJ? Pain seems to be most people's first symptom.

Also, for anyone who has had a mouth splint - did it help? And most importantly, did it help the tinnitus? I am going insane with it! I can tolerate pain much more than I can tolerate constant ringing in my ears.


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