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Thanks for the detailed explanation. My symptoms are quite different from yours...I had jaw pain and very limited mouth opening (which was treated by an arthroscopy procedure a few years ago) and vertigo (treated by upper cervical chiropractor adjustments). At the moment I am still suffering from shoulder pain (mostly on the right) and dry eyes (also mostly on the right). It seems that the shoulder pain gets worse whenever I do resistance training. I try to exercise regularly, which I'm not entirely sure if that helps but I don't think it hurts either so I will continue to do it.

I've never thought of the link to my TMJ issues before, but I am now exploring that option since I've gone to so many avenues to get better. I've had my hormones checked, blood tests done, and I also try to eat pretty I'm not sure why I still have the shoulder pain and the dry eyes, and they're concentrated on the right side. I've got an appointment with my oral surgeon (who did my arthroscopy on my left jaw) on Monday for a follow up. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some answers.

Just curious, how did you discover that hydrotherapy worked for you? Did anybody recommend it?

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