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This question is for veteran TMJers. For a few months now i have been having a few problems that have honestly gotten me nervous there might be something wrong. For a few months now ive had problems with my neck, throat and jaw. I started having a pulling feeling in my neck and it was sore and then i started noticing the left side of my neck looking different. My SCM muscle stands out more on that side of my neck. Within days of noticing this my jaw started locking when i would wake up. Then i started having a feeling of something in my throat when i would swallow and when opening my mouth i hear clicking and crunching noises. I;ve been to ENT and dr plenty of times and they kept saying the muscle was just in a spasm and sounded like i had TMJ because i started having pains in my jaw as well and my ear and that sound would have pains in it to. My question is from what ive researching there is some connection in TMJ and the SCM muscle. Can you have problems with your neck and it causes TMJ? Ive felt my neck 20 times a day(probably more) and every appt drs do too and there are no lumps felt in my neck and no lymph nodes, it just feels like that side of my neck is so much tighter than the other and my SCM muscle in paticular feels thicker than the other side's SCM muscle. I've got two little kids and this has caused me so much anxiety my dr checked my thyroid and now next week shes scheduled an ultrasound on my neck to make sure there is nothing we are missing because she feels it will ease my mind but can TMJ cause problems like this or vice versa where my neck caused TMJ?

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