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I myself have had a very bad experience with the dentist. I had a dental bridge put in and that has completely ruined my bite, all teeth shifted and I got severe TMJD. I am now in braces to shift my teeth back to where they belong and feel better, but who knows if I will ever feel normal again as I used to.

I do understand your frustration. God knows, what I have been through since this bridge. However, at some point I started seeing beyond my anger and frustration, and decided that I will cut my losses and move on. I have no choice, and there's no way back. Thankfully, I found something that helps. What did it cost me financially? A cost of a failed bridge, a cost of TMJ splint therapy (completely unnecessary), a cost of braces, a cost of a future implant and a cost to replace two crowns from a failed bridge. Ok, I am willing to substract braces because I needed them anyway, but other than that...
Oh well. I am taking it as a very expensive and painful life lesson. Money is nothing. Health is everything. I hope that at least in the end my problems are solved. So you see, you are not alone...

Are you trying to do something to fix your jaw?

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