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Hi everyone,

I know it's lengthy, but I really hope you all read...

Almost a month ago from now, I noticed myself clenching at night. I would consciously place my tongue in between my mouth, and would wake up from biting down on it. And the since then, it all went a little like this...

- 3 localized dull pain/headache near base of skull along with neck soreness just below, which I chalked up to a new firm pillow I bought.
- On the day of 3rd headache, I got intense pressure on my left ear, and left side of jaw, with slight eye pressure, left side.
- The next day, both sides hurt, facial pressure, and again, ear pressure.
- Following day, only my right side hurt, along with jaw, face pressure of right, and INTENSE pain on lower teeth.
- Went to the Doctor, gave me antibiotics for sinus infection. No ear infection, UTI negative, throat culture came back for Staph. a. no symptoms.
- Things got better for a week or so, but ear pressure, and jaw pain was still there.
- Redid throat culture. No Staph A. Mentioned jaw discomfort and ear pressure, rechecked ears, no infection. Told me it was "arthritis"
- Sometime the same week, the pressure settled on just the left side for 2/3 days, teeth and all. Around this time, my back started to hurt, shoulder pain, on and off chest pain for a day, which I thought was from my shoulder pain, mostly left, alllll the way down to my butt cheeck, felt like sciatica.
- 5 days ago, I started having a twitching feeling on the left side of my head, above my left ear. Just a few seconds, a few days during the day.
- The next day, started having a tingling sensation on the left side of my scalp. No pain. On and off.
- At one point, i felt a sudden, sharp pain in my left ear. Hasn't happened since.

Since then it has been downward spiral EXTREME. I thought it couldn't get any worse. I was at school, and my right jaw/face/side of head (temp. area) started to hurt/pressure badly. I flipped, went to the Urgent Care. Dr. listened to all my symptoms, felt my jaw, and told me I had TMJ. Sent me home with Ibuprofen, and instructions to see a dentist.

I went to an Orthodontist (he offered a free consultation), took x-rays and found that my bottom wisdom teeth were impacted under the gum line, horizontally, and I have 2 small teeth growing under the skin above my two front top teeth. He referred me to an oral surgeon.

Since then, the tingling sensation on my scalp has been constant for 4/5 days now. It's absolutely painless, and light, but annoying and keeps me up at night. That, and my anxiety, of course. It only tingles on the top left side, and on the back of my head a little off to the left, and occasionally a little more up and right. I haven't really gotten headaches. I didn't noticed any intense clicking/popping at first, and even know, it sounds more like a crunch sound, and I hear it in my ear when I yawn. When I open my mouth, occasionally, the right side feels like the muscle is shifting over. And the more I open and close my jaw constantly, the more pressure I feel in my ears.

The severity of discomfort comes and goes, and when it came again, I paniced, and went to the ER 2 days ago. Blood check, urine check, BP, all was good. The first NP that saw me, told me she thought a CT scan wasn't necessary, but I should go see a neurologist, because of my tingling. She finished her shift before I left, so a PA-C came in, and he told me that he agrees that its TMJ (he claimed to have had it). And that I was also having an anxiety reaction. He sent me home recommending I see an ENT. And a therapist... and with a muscle relaxer (which I haven't taken). That night, I started having tingling under both my armpits, and I eventually felt it randomly on my arms, and hands. This day, I was super anxious. This also only lasted a whole day, and have been feeling it under my armpit occasionally now.

I have been so completely devastated. Crying on and off sometimes, thinking I have a brain tumor, or brain aneurysm. Can't sleep well. I have an Drs. appt. at my local community health (I have no insurance) on Monday, AND I also have an appt. with an TMJ specialist that same day.

Yesterday, I couldn't open my jaw more than 2 fingers until I started to feel discomfort. Today, my ears feel super stuffy, occasional tingling near my armpits, my teeth and jaw feel sore, I still have this annoying tingling sensation on my scalp (I think this is what drives me insane the most), and something new I noticed is, I feel pressure on the front of my hard palate, mostly when I lean my head down, where I'll also feel the pressure on my jaw.
My shoulders, and neck are tender, but now only when touched down on. I'm a side sleeper, so it hurts to sleep on my face, so I've been trying to sleep on my back more.

Does all this sound like TMJ? Can TMJ cause all these bizarre symptoms? Could it have to do something with a nerve being pinched somewhere? Do you think the muscle relaxer (Norflex) would help at all? I've mostly avoided it because I'm currently still nursing my daughter, but I'm willing to take it (and pump and dump the milk) if I knew it would really help.

Thank you soo much.

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