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Re: TMJ Replacement
Mar 23, 2013
Trailjane I feel for your daughter - that's young age to be dealing with serious TMJ issues. Who in the past treated your daughter? Do you trust them to make referrals? I am probably going to have TMJ surgery but at this point the surgeron is not recommending a full joint replacement. I would definitely get a couple of opinions and try to clearly understand what the risks are and what is seen as a good outcome. One of the biggest questions I struggle with is understanding how much relief and improvement I will really get. The second big issue for me is what postoperative care is needed and for how long. And I think this is also important because from what I've read and heard, having a good recovery is very important in having a successful outcome.

PS SandyRiver - I feel for you - I am in similair situation. I live in Toronto Canada, and my I've been told by the dentist who has been treating me that there is only one oral surgeon who Ontario who can do this type of surgery which I find shocking (the greater metropolitan area of Toronto is 6 million).

PS Trailjane - the dentist who had been treating me for TMJ had been spending time at Tufts University in Boston and asked a colleague she met there for a name. The name of the oral surgeon is David Alexander Keith and I have an appointment with him in June for a second opinion. Don't know if he is any good but he his resume looks impressive. I have confidence in my oral surgeon (he already did arthoscopic surgery on me) but I want to make sure I have all the bases covered.

Good luck to both of you.

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