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How much do deep tissue massages cost? I WOULD LOVE ONE! I am already spending 200 on the Oral surgeon and I spent 390.00 on the mouth guard. My main reason for going to this surgeon is to HOPEFULLY have him tell me if this guard is correct. I want a full refund if it's not. It's brand new! I haven't worn anything in the past 4 nights, and took the last of my valium last night. I think it helped me sleep and I don't recall waking up clenching so hopefully I haven't since. BUT last night was a bad evening for me. I never took advil until 8 pm because I couldn't handle the pain anymore- it was not only tight jaw muscles but my ears (now both ears) and both jaws and the back of my head, the ache was horrible.

I just woke up and right now my muscles are a little tight. But I have a major sore throat and nasal congestion so I think I'm getting sick on top of this which is why I felt worse last night. I just moved my appt to tomorrow at 10 am so I am hoping and PRAYING that this visit does not leave me feeling like I got nowhere. My hope is that he will do the x rays, tell me my disks are still in place and tell me to just wear the mouth guard and live through the pain until it goes away, maybe new acrylic guards to cause discomfort and new symptoms in the beginning... who knows. Or maybe my guard really isn't fitting as well as I thought it was.

My problem is I lick my teeth a lot. It's habit. I need to stop doing that. I know it aggravates the TMJ joint.

Clencher- you must have done something, any type of unusual movement in your jaw maybe when you didn't notice. Did you yawn involuntarily and open too wide? I get a pop when I do that. The weird thing is the pop is always on my right side and my TMJ issues have always been on my left side. I would love to do a liquid diet just until my muscles heal, but with my extra iron I take 3x a day I have to eat something or else I get sick to my stomach. Plus I work on my feet for 4-5 hours somedays and I know I would be starving.

I should start a thread on food recommendations other than yogurt and oatmeal...

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