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Hi! I've had these same symptoms for as long as I can remember and I am now twenty years old. I've seen dentists, doctors, ear nose and throat doctors, and many chiropractors. I gave up trying to find help for a few years because I felt like I was running in circles, each professional saying there was nothing they could do and suggesting the next guy. But recently I've tried the chiro again. This time it was different. He said to me there was no point in focusing on my jaw seeing as that's what everyone else did unsuccessfully, so instead he decided to look at my spine. He did some x-rays and examined me and found something quite interesting. My neck was bent forward, instead of curving back they way it should. It wasn't noticeable because I have good posture: you would never know by looking at me. But lo and behold the x-rays saw what the eyes couldn't. The spine and the neck are essential for balancing your skull with the rest of you body. He believes that my neck might have something to do with my "loose" and clicking jaw, seeing as my head is not being supported properly. I'm still in the middle of my treatment, he has me using a traction (essentially a plastic triangle) and every night I lie on the floor for ten minutes with the traction under my neck and my head dropping onto the floor. We are correcting the curve by slowly forcing it backwards the way it's meant to be.
And I'm really excited to say that I'm noticing a little bit of a difference. My jaw still feels loose at times, it clicks if I open it too wide or rest my chin on my hand for too long, but the feeling is slightly stiffer. It's a little more like a rough rub than a clean click that I'm used to. It took me by surprise but I'm extremely pleased. No one has ever been able to even suggest a treatment, let alone make anything different happen, so I'm taking it as a positive sign.

So essentially my recomendation to you is get you chiropractor to x-ray and examine you spine, particularly your neck. I'm keen to hear if this can help others with the same problem.

(As a ps, I do use a mouth guard, and it was recommended to me in the past to help my jaw, but to be quite honest all it does is protect my teeth from the severe clenching I do when I sleep. There are teeth marks in my guard and I only got this one a few weeks ago haha. But it hasn't once helped my jaw.)

Good luck!

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