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Thanks for clarifying, clencher.

I'm actually glad to hear that you aren't doing anything. If you have been trying for so long and this splint hasn't help you, then it's time to change tactics.

The doctor I went to here in Calgary, Dr Castro, said that most of the time, TMD can just be cured by simple things like yoga, physio, and improving posture. It takes time, yes, but a majority of people who have this kind of pain see relief through simple treatments. This is why he is not giving me a nightguard, even. He said I should keep doing physio for the next month or so, and then go back to him.

I went to see a NEW physiotherapist yesterday. I was very unhappy with the first one. She was supposed to be a TMJ specialist, and she wouldn't spend more than 15 minutes with me at a time. She would just like, massage my face a little and that was about it.

This new one was pretty good, my jaw already feels better. She did dry needling on me, which was painful but it made me looser immediately. She said that I have bad posture which is stretching my neck, and causing a lot of the issues that I am having. So, I am working on that for the next little while.

Keep us updated on the visit with the new dentist, and good luck!

Mando - I hope that you can get in to see that UCLA specialist!

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