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I noticed that you mentioned that your ear wouldn't equalize for a long time with your tmjd. Did your audiologist mention Eustachian tube problems as a result if tmjd? I'm wondering because I do seem to have 2 issues going on at once. Today I did a sinus rinse for my allergies and it seemed to bother my ears, though I didn't do any high pressure rinsing. I popped my ears by yawning and the trouble started more after that. I started getting that ear infection feeling. I went to work, got a quick croissant on the way, and when I but into it, I have to admit, I did sort of have some actual pain. Which led to more of the ear infection feeling, which led to all day ear popping (me yawning my head off) and even more subsequent ear sensations. I ended up going to urgent care because I was convinced that I'd gotten some if the sinus rinse in my ears. The dr said my ears looked great, no fluid, and that it was most likely an allergy attack. He felt the pressure of my inner nose workings swelling up was causing the fullness feeling in my ear. I asked him about tmjd just for the heck of it, and he said I could have both problems going on. I went home determined to get this horrid feeling under control, so I took all my regular allergy meds plus a mucinex for good measure and 20 mg of my emergency prednisone, plus started pushing fluids like a mad woman. I'm hoping I can clear this up by tomorrow because my e tube and jaw are both irritated and I work in retail and am a manager and need to talk all the time. When my jaw acts up I don't want to talk and I also don't want to talk when my e tube acts up because it sometimes gets stuck open (and I hear my voice and heartbeat inside my head on that side) and then I also don't want to talk. I am wondering if your e tube function was ever in question. On paper (tympanograms) mine are fine. In life, they seem to have problems connected with my allergies and jaw. Jeez!

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