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[QUOTE=IndyGirl1;5200337]Hi There Hbrower,

I am sorry to hear of your jaw troubles. I understand completely what you are feeling right now. This jaw pain you are feeling is most definitely related to the elbow to the jaw you received. Trauma to the jaw can injure soft tissues within the jaw and joint space and often even the very important disc that allows the jaw its movement. Given that you have a clicking when you open your mouth leaves me to believe that you have some amount of disc displacement in your jaw on the side that clicks. You should research the jaw anatomy to better understand how it works and what may be happening with your joint.

The little ball you are referring to I believe is a mass of tissue that is irritated and spasming. Look up trigger points and you can see how that might be a possibility in your case. It could be a large trigger point in your masseter muscle of the jaw that runs right along the place you are referring to. Try to massage the muscle a little and see if that helps loosen it up a little. Always be gentle ofcourse. Oh! and try moist heat on the area...that will most definitely loosen up the muscles.

I do not want to alarm you but if you have a disc displacement most likely advil is not going to cure you, but rather just cover up the problem. I am not saying that is definitely what you have but the clicking you mention does make me believe it is a very strong possibility. Once a disc is displaced it is very hard for it to get back into place. You will need an MRI to confirm what is going on with your discs and joint tissues. Make sure a doctor orders this for you. It is a MUST.

I would suggest using moist heat and advil for another week or so and see how you feel. If it is still persistant and bothering you after that please reach out to some tmj specialists in your area. Have a consultation with more than 3 so you have some opinions and some treatment plans to consider. Never go with the first suggestion you get. You must do your research when choosing a specialist. The jaw is a very intricate system and research still needs to be done in fully understanding it so treatment methods vary by doctor.

Whatever you do...always go with the most conservative treatment options first.

Good luck to you! Be gentle to that jaw of yours.

I meant to mention that the ear fullness is from the inflammation of the tissues within your jaw joint. The ear canal sits very very close to the jaw joint which is why the inflammation is irritating your eustacian tube that runs from your middle ear to the back of your throat. This tube regulates air between your inner ear and the outside atmosphere.



Thank you Misty, I really appreciate all of that.

I just wanted to give in update as to how I am feeling. This is day 5 for me. I went to see my dentist yesterday and he is having a bite splint made for me which will be ready in two days. He told me to take 800mg of Advil every 8 hours for the inflammation and he told me if the splint doesn't work after trying it, then we will go from there.

Anyways, Day 5: This is the first day I have woken up with no pain at all in my ear/jaw. The swollen ball/skin near my earlobe I was talking about barely hurts at all anymore when I touch it, and the swelling has noticeably gotten smaller. When I touch/move my ear it no longer hurts. Well, maybe VERY slightly but not that bad at all. I did notice yesterday that behind my earlobe, there is a swollen/enlarged bump but it seems to be going down. When I open my mouth I can still hear the click and it hasn't gotten any quieter, but it no longer hurts when I open my jaw wide. So overall, I have very very slim pain and only in particular spots when I touch them. My ear is still clogged and ringing, but I'm hoping that because the swelling is going away or at least it seems that it is going away, that my hearing should be back within a few days if I keep doing what I am doing. I don't know if I'm just getting used to the clogged ear, but it also feels like the pressure has gone down some. So far, I have used heating pads, ice packs, Advil 3x a day, hot tea, also nasal spray in the mornings and evenings just to see if it helps my ear unclog because It feels like something is in there waiting to come out. I'll updat later as I am going to see my ENT doctor today. She has known me since birth and is a very good doctor. I am also going to see my Chiropractor to get adjusted and see if that finishes this off for good. Hopefully we can get this flare up resolved by the 26th because I leave for vacation then!


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