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[QUOTE=fxmows;5229773]hi guys i am new to this forum and this is my first post, i've been suffering tmj problems for a while now, probably 2-3 years, and it is causing me alot of stress mentally and physically, my jaw clicks on the right side whenever i open it wide, my jaw is so crooked and it is sticking out more to the right and my chin is deviated to the right, i have a slight overbite and when i close my mouth i don't feel comfortable, i wanna know if there is a way to fix this and how high the costs are?[/QUOTE]

Hi my jaw is messed up and crooked too! Finally I found some one with my problems but
Im so sorry cause I no your pain! After I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed my jaw deviated to the right and it pops and hurts an no matter what
I did it would stay the same!
I saw my doctor after 2 years and she sent me 2 get an MRI of my jaw
Joints turns out the disk cartilage that keeps the jaw bone and the skull from hitting each b other
Is out of place on the left side so she sent me to a maxillofacial surgeon
Covered by my insurance which I'm poor so thank God my insurance covers the visit
And the surgeon says I need Arthroscopy surgery
He says it's not that big of a surgery an after some
Research I agree! He says my jaw will be normal again after!
I'm just waiting to see if my insurance covers it but he says since he suggested Ineed it then the surgery should get covered!

Were you born with the crooked jaw or did it happen after an incident like mine?

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