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[QUOTE=DM443;5300954]Who is the best?

I'm tired of messing around with local doctors and dentists that claim they treat TMJ, but in reality they practice the one and only treatment they learned at some weekend course they took on TMJ not even taking into account the particular symptoms of their patient simply so they can rake in the cash. Then when their treatment fails they love to suggest some crappy local surgeon with terrible reviews whom they clearly have some sort of referral deal with. I've waste way too much money this way.

I live in Florida however I'm willing to fly anywhere to get the proper treatment at this point. I don't even care about cost or inconvenience, TMJ has ruined my life for long enough and I'm not going to let it continue it's destruction without a fight. I'm currently in closed lock (I believe for about 2 years now) and from what I understand if I stay this way for too much longer there may be no way to recapture the disc.

There has to be SOMEONE or SOME PLACE out there with doctors who have done the research, know their stuff, have good ratings, a good success rate, dedicated their life to the treatment of TMJ, etc. so I can at least get a treatment tailored to MY PROBLEM with some form of real hope. Not this false hope everyone else is giving me.

So who's the best? Please let me know!

I'm talking dentists, orthodontists, physical therapists, TMJ Specialists (if that's even a thing) chiropractors, massage therapists etc. (given they are known for treating TMJ and doing a good job)

I'm trying to stay away from permanent treatments for now so no need to talk about the best TMJ surgeons, unless of course there's some magical surgeon with a 100% success rate which I find hard to believe exists haha.

A good answer to this could change my life. I would be forever grateful!

Thanks! :)[/QUOTE]

Well, what all have you tried so far? What works for one person may not work for another. And nothing is going to be 100% effective. Just like a medical surgery, think knee surgery--you get it and it may help a high percentage of patients but it still doesn't help EVERYONE.

I tried botox and received 30% benefit from it. I had done acupuncture and got nothing from it, probably 10 different regular mouth guards with nothing, a biofeedback machine and all with no results. Finally, I called about having surgery and the surgeon said he wouldn't even consider it until I had done "appliance therapy" and unbeknownst to me I ended up at a bioethetic dentist office.I am having a splint made that will realign my jaws. NOT my teeth, my jaws. My teeth are worn flat in the back from years of grinding so when I bite down everything is all out of whack. The answer seems so obvious and yet--I have been miserable for years. No amount of medication is going to help fix this if you have a physical problem like this. So, this splint with move my jaw into place and once it is in the right spot, I will probably need some crowns to be rebuilt to hold my jaw in the right place long term.

My dentist teaches other dentists this method. I called him in dire pain to see if there was any type of joint injections or anything he recommended while I wait for my perm splint. He made me a temp splint and I am already 60% better than I have been in MONTHS and this is in just a few days. Keep in mind that I get quarterly injections of Botox in my massaters and it has not come close to helping this much. So, I am greatly encouraged already but I would not go to just anyone. I have heard of people spending $50,000 for this stuff. I am not paying anywhere near that.

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