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New TMJ Patient
Dec 3, 2014
Hello everyone,

Thank you for posting your threads here, they have been very helpful.

I'm a 28-year-old male living in Ontario, Canada who has been having TMJ problems for the past couple of years. My main issues are constricted airways which lead to issues sleeping (was diagnosed with sleep apnea) and jaw pain/locking.

I've seen a dozen different doctors who have diagnosed me with everything from arthritis to depression over these problems.

I've recently seen an orthodontist who scared the crap out of me by saying the only option available is to wear braces for two years to reposition my jaw (severe over-bite) which would leave me with no bite at all (ie. my teeth wouldn't touch and I wouldn't be able to chew) which would have to be followed by surgery to cut my jaw off and move it forward an inch to give me my bite back.

I know you can't give any specific advice without both being a doctor and doing a complete exam, however does this sound realistic to those of you who have been successfully treated? Was your bite actually corrected after being repositioned in this way, and how were you able to eat without a bite for such a long period of time?

This scared me off any treatment for a long time, however I recently saw a dentist who claims to specialize in TMJ and sleep disorders. He gave me a temporary splint that I'm supposed to wear 24 hours per day for the next two weeks and then have a permanent splint made.

This treatment sounds very similar to what some of you have reported success with on these boards. However, the doctor seemed VERY sketchy in some of the "tests" he performed. For example he was inserting various numbers of tongue depressors between my bite and trying to push my arms together while I was supposed to "pretend to be a statue."

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a legitimate test?

I talked to the doctor and he did confirm some of what the ortho had told me, but he didn't seem at all concerned that I would be left without a bite and unable to chew. He also would not discuss the cost of the permanent splints.

Does anyone from Canada, or Ontario specifically have any idea of the cost of these splints?

My apologies for the long post, I will appreciate any answers or comments you may be able to provide.

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