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Can a TMJ disorder be cured? How?

My TMJ is swollen on only one side. This is caused by jaw misalignment according to what I have read in this forum. What should I do?

Thanks guys.
I believe that TMJ can be placed in remission for extended periods of time IF you can figure out the proper techniques to make it less painful such as figuring out the best sleeping position for oneself, which foods are triggers (for me, not only hard foods but chocolate brownies and Alfredo sauce really trigger my pain for some reason), which vitamins/supplements work best or make it worse, etc... I am reading a book called Taking Control of TMJ, which has very interesting information that most dentists and doctors do not tell you or do not realize themselves. It seems once you have the disorder, you are always at risk for flare ups, yet there are many ways to take control of it to make it less painful or even pain free.

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