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... r routine fillings, 18 months ago, I started clenching at night and have t been able to stop. Like you, I've tried almost everything! I have osteoarthritis in my TMJ joints due to this short time of clenching and I fear what the future may hold...I'm only 32. ... (2 replies)
Tinnitus and TMJ?
Sep 16, 2014
... ll the trauma. I would be you have other off symptoms as well. Things you probably dont even realize are connected with TMJ. Get a soft..thick..splint made by a tmj specialist, not a thin flabby one. You want a thick one. ... (2 replies)
... '' You definately need to follow up with a medical professional. Clenching certainly doesn't help. If you are clencher you should try asking your dentist to make a custom night gaurd for you to wear at night - this won't prevent you from clenching but will cushion the impact on your joints. I wear and I found it helps. Also clenching at night while you sleep happens... (2 replies)

... I understand what you are both saying about her attitude not all being about the pain, etc.. But perhaps she, unfortunately, turned to the alcohol as an escape or for pain relief. ... (3 replies)
No TMJ, now what?
Sep 26, 2013
... Self medicating with drugs and alcohol will give you short term relief but in the long run will only make things worse. ... (5 replies)
No TMJ, now what?
Sep 24, 2013
... which has caused me to believe that I have TMJ pain when in fact, there is nothing wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
... If you feel you are clenching more make sure your mouth appliance is fitting properly - go back to your dentist and make have it checked it out. I had to have mine adjusted about 3 times before it felt comfortably and over a period of wearing it about a month. In my experience there is "conscious" clenching and "unconscious" or "involuntary clenching". I find I clench if... (4 replies)
... day coffee drinker since age 20. I didn't have this TMJ issue until after my 2nd son was born and all the stress, etc. piled up on me. I haven't cut back on the coffee yet, but the stress is greatly reduced though. ... (8 replies)
TMJ Help
Mar 10, 2013
... I suffer from GERD too. STarted before I had significant TMJ issues. ... (9 replies)
... blocked ear feeling which varies side to side or not at all .Obviously stress irritates it,same for caffeine and alcohol but that's it.I can eat what I want,when I want.Suggestions? ... (4 replies)
... wrong with my ear so I'm assuming it has to do with my tmjd like everything else wrong with my ear. If I chew wrong I'll have balance problems. I too can't drink alcohol since having tmjd problems. The littlest bit seems to really mess me up so I don't drink. ... (3 replies)
... sed on this whole issue it's upsetting me a lot lately . There have been a few items that occurred I simply don't understand . The first was a severe reaction to alcohol which was explained to me that blood flow increases dramatically to the head . ... (3 replies)
... t bottom receding teeth, get very sore very quickly with what I eat or something. I think this is because of the mouth wash routine I do, and I plan on trying an alcohol free mouthwash to have it be more gentle. ... (4 replies)
... t x rays from your bite and do a x ray study called "cephalometric". Is possible you could have any class of malocclusion you don't know. In my oppinion, most of tmj problems are related with misalignment in bite. ... (15 replies)
Could i have tmj
Mar 4, 2011
... and forehead which often developes into a headache. if i keep really bizy i will normally feel better. the best thing i can do to feel better is to drink lots of alcohol the night before, the next day i will feel brighter and less headachey even though i have a bit of a hangover. maybe the alcohol stops me grinding my teeth? ... (0 replies)
... didn't move back. Now I get a lot of swelling and throbbing pain. Don't know if I'd recommend the surgery. Just recently I've been getting bad pain on the right tmj which happened after a physiotherapy session and since its given me grief. You try and try to do the things everyone tells you and sometimes it just gets worse. ... (5 replies)
... I kind of cheat and buy the alcohol tincture of the root so it tastes better to my opinion. It does help and is harmless. ... (31 replies)
... really understand TMJ, all they want to do is give you a splint that cost thousands of dollars and they ignore the real issue which is treating the cause of your TMJ problem. ... (10 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Apr 9, 2009
... but the best way to determine if it is tmj or not is to rule out other medical possibilities and then be evaluated by a dentist trained and knowledgeable in tmj. ... (7 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Apr 9, 2009
... but not where eye strain headaches occur. Feels like a minor hangover, which makes sense given that alcohol causes dehydration. ... (7 replies)

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