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... I just had my 2nd arthrosopy in 4 months because my disc somehow slipped out of place again. Not real sure how it happened. However, I only thought I was feeling better after the first one. This time, I must say I am feeling great compared to before. I had the surgery on a Thursday & was back in class on Monday. I am not having much pain at all. The worst part is liquids... (26 replies)
... hi va-gal, my suture is the non-dissolvable. it is a prolene - the smallest gauge (#0). i did some research on this suture and even the needle used - within the manufacturers websites. i even spoke with some doctors and they told me the suture had dissolved - because they did not know what type of suture was used. i had to do my own research to find out exactly what was... (26 replies)
... Road8 I cannot believe your doctor tried to do arthroscopic surgery in his office. Does he have an elaborate surgical suite in his office area? Were you intubated? I would not have attempted that procedure in an office setting. I am glad he aborted the surgery and did it in the hospital the next time. This is such a small and delicate joint and requires incredible... (26 replies)

... hi jane 254, i echo va-gals comments. (and i like her moxie.) i wanted to tell you though, there are a few web pages that do, in fact, show an actual arthroscopic procedure on the tmjs. i do not remember the site. however, i did find it using the usual key words that one would use within a search engine. the page shows actual color photos of each step of the procedure... (26 replies)
... 3 days off from work is a bit unrealistic, unless you have a long weekend with it. And even then, you will have some swelling and bruising to contend with and pain. These docs make this all seem like it is so simple, but then again it is not their joint being poked and prodded around in. It really angers me that they the way they minimize it all. None of this is easy. ... (26 replies)
... My oral surgeon tells me that one of the joints of my jaw gets stuck as it opens and he scheduled me to have artoscopy to fix it. I'm not in unbearable pain and now I am getting very scared after reading this. He says I only need to take 3 days off work but will 6 weeks of therapy. No wiring of my jaw. He makes it sound like no big deal but I am wondering if I should go... (26 replies)
... PWC I saw that you mentioned that it is not a good idea to have your disc sutured into place. I was wondering why you thought this. I had this done during arthroplasty a year ago. The surgery was a disaster and I have been in pain ever since. I am trying to figure out why the surgery was a failure. What happens when the disc is sutured into place? If you could... (26 replies)
... Hello gb2k01, what i think you are planning to have (or what you are describing) is arthrocentesis. i do not believe that the pressure from flushing out the joint (at least in the case of your one, possibly two displaced discs) will actually allow the discs to move freely again. i have heard that this sometimes does, in fact, occur. this would be the goal. this would be... (26 replies)
... Wow this is the first good outcome I have heard of I am so happy. Who was your surgeon in what state? (17 replies)
... Hi Julie, Well you get put under and they take a needle type thing and push it into your jaw joint area. They also use a little camera so they can see what is going on inside. They take pictures of the joint and you get to look at them during your post-op. They use the needle to break up the scar tissue that is inside and then they use anti-inflammatory medicine to make... (17 replies)
... for 6 months, and have tried all the conservative treatments without any improvement. Also tried arthrocentesis. Luckily I am pain free for now. I am looking at arthroscopy as a possible next step. ... (2 replies)
... ved on the morphine patches and even took vicodon, muscle relaxers all at the same time and nothing help and does not today either. I wish that there would be a TMJ awarness day and every suffer would surround the white house with signs telling the nation that this is real and we are here to tell our stories. ... (6 replies)
... Did you see any changes in your TMJ with this in the 4 months? ... (22 replies)
... DId you have TMJ symptoms prior to the accident? ... (22 replies)
... My understanding is that arthroscopy is where they go in with a scope and an instrument that breaks up adhesions and scar tissue and allows the disc to move around better. Is that what you had? ... (22 replies)
... I suffered horribly with TMJ in the 90's. ... (22 replies)
... and it should be working by now but hasn't touched the headaches. This is actually my second round of botox... I had the first in January. My regular TMJ doc, whom I've been seeing for 2 years, is convinced the problem is coming from the joint. He actually called the Mayo doctor and they talked. ... (2 replies)
... I've been a ghost around here, lately. It's not that I didn't want to respond to a lot of posts, because everyone here is going through valid responses to this TMJ. I've seen others threads about questioning surgery, like arthroscopy, open joint or arthroscentisis...and, I ponder something personal.....Why did I have so many surgeries as a teen... The last one I had... (6 replies)
... i actually got all my equip. approved through my insurance. all i did was call the suppliers who carried the equip., send them my prescription, and they took care of the approval w/the insurance co. as you well know, this stuff is not cheap and the suppliers try to get the patient the machinery because they get paid alot of money from the insurance company. i think what you... (17 replies)
... Hi PWC, I have tried long term prescription anti-inflamatories, yes, and they do nothing for the pain. I take about 6-8 tylenol per day at this point. I'm sure my liver's happy. I've had the injections which are great but last only a short while. Where were you able to get a portable ultrasound unit? Ultrasound is wonderful relief but I was told they had to be operated by a... (17 replies)

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