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... I hear your frustration....and dealt with the same thing as well. I"m on my second tmj specialist, and doing very well. ... (75 replies)
... I also have tmj disorder and have had issues with it for the past 3 years now. ... (75 replies)
... as the repositioning of the teeth can force the jaw into an unnatural position, and force the discs within the TMJ out of position. ... (75 replies)

... Yogi, I am so sorry you are going through this very difficult time with your TMJ. Like the others, I strongly recommend you get a second opinion. It sounds like your jaw is in a state of trauma. I also have a hard splint. I could not make it through the night without wearing it. And on days when my jaw is throbbing or in a spasm I can hardly wait to put it in, sometimes... (75 replies)
... Hi all, PS The guy I am seeing is supposed to be one of the best (here) and deals with some difficult cases of tmj-so- how is a person supposed to decipher if a person TRULY is great and the right one for them- how many people do you check out? and HOW do you tell if they are for real, etc? Frustration! Thanks for listening-tired of it all- esp my mouth and diet!!!!!!!... (75 replies)
... The Tmj dentist I am having treatment with is not a member of the group of Neuromuscular dentists trained by the LVI. ... (75 replies)
... hi Jill and Laura, THANKS for the replies! Yes, I am soooo confused and have spent all my $$$ on this guy. The splint is acrylic with flat edge and I feel like it is affecting my bite,etc oddly because my right side hurts more and it feels weird when I move my jaw like my jaw is deviating more now when I push it forward like in an exercise he has me doing- and my right side... (75 replies)
... Hi Laura, Jill and all, I just visited my tmj guy yesterday and he did some more jaw mobilization on me to try and keep my jaw open he says- I asked him if he was sure that this is good for the jaw and he said it's what you need to do to keep it open- he used ultrasound and some spray stuff that is supposed to keep the muscles relaxed and from guarding. My opening is still... (75 replies)
... Hi Laura and Chicklett, Your responses have been very helpful. I am sad about my situation:(as I think the arthocentesis was a mistake- I am wondering Laura, if you or Jill could address the next question- will splints work AFTER the procedure-as my tmj says they will and that is what his path for me is- my opening varies between almost two fingers to more toward one and... (75 replies)
... ws more that the disc is in the wrong position. He says without the surgery and leaving disc in that spot could cause more damage.So right now I am scheduled for arthroscopy in June when he will go in move disc back and suture in place, He says the suture will fall away in a few months, so hopefully its the right thing to do. ... (75 replies)
... Hi, Laura, I am new to this site but not to TMJ. I have had it about 25 years. I am wondering if you could give me the doctor's name you are scheduled to have surgery with. I have seen a dr. in Dallas and he has diagnosed me with degenerative jaw joints and recommended surgery. I need a second or third opinion before I make a decision. I appreciate any names you might have. I... (75 replies)
... I didn't know my jaw was incorrectly positioned until the TMJ dentist told me. I have anteriorly displaced discs, and if my lower jaw is moved forward my a few mm's with a lower splint, they can be recaptured. ... (75 replies)
... The group AACFP is the American Academy of CranioFacial Pain. My TMJ dentist who I see in the UK is a member of that group. ... (75 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes it is a tmj specialist using a new piece of equipment. He has done the procedure before with older equipment is my understanding. ... (75 replies)
... Is this TMJ specialist who is proposing to do the arthroscopy a Maxillofacial surgeon Ė if not then I wouldnít want him to carry out the procedure, especially as he hasnít done that before. The reason they might be telling you itís the best treatment for you, and not suggesting neuromuscular dentistry is because the method they are suggesting to you is the mainstream... (75 replies)
... hopefully move the disc back into place..this is just one procedure that can be done in the dentists' office....but it's invasive, so that's why I want to ask my tmj doc. what he would do in that situation. ... (75 replies)
... K on my medical deductions from my tmj specialist, other doctors, and my last dentist's attempt to help me, that failed miserably. ... (75 replies)
... Hi Jill, I tried to search for some nueromuscular DDS's yesterday and left a message with one- many are not open on Fri:( My opening has been so minimal for awhile and it did happen gradually- I am wondering if the gag will work- or anything? Do you think my jaw will still function? I need to do something NOW and it's so frustrating because there aren't any clear answers it... (75 replies)
... I am actually traveling up to see my tmj specialist on Mon. for my appt., so I will ask him how he would go about starting treatment on someone like yourself, with a very minimal opening. ... (75 replies)
... This TMJ specialst also wants to try jaw mobilization while I am sedated. Have you heard of that? ... (75 replies)

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