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... Jaw issues can really cause this. ... (18 replies)
... If you really are retraining your muscles to function properly then sometimes eating can feel like a chore. If it feels sore like a massage, or a really good workout, that probably means you're doing something right. ... (18 replies)
... stiffness feeling is usually always there. Sometimes I can hear those sounds without even opening my mouth. And I feel this weird feeling in front of my ear when I tilt my head up. Like the muscles are stiff or loose or something. ... (15 replies)

... As far as the thrusting goes, I've been swallowing this way for as long as I can remember. ... (12 replies)
... I can recommend it! ... (0 replies)
... t cheek only. I can't smile straight anymore and it's always swollen to some degree. It's now to the point that I can't breath clearly through that nostril. I can feel it bulging around my eye. No swelling at jaw joint or around ear. ... (32 replies)
... It is typically the same for me, but my ear pain can get really bad at night making it hard to sleep. ... (9 replies)
... With your swallowing problems, did you have a thump or click? ... (9 replies)
... icult because I had to "swallow the golf ball in my throat" to finish my sentence. That golf ball feeling is pretty much gone now. When I talk it's also like I can feel the vibrations of me talking all the way down the tight muscles..hard to describe, but if you had that feeling you know what I mean. ... (9 replies)
... With your swallowing problems, did you have a thump or click? ... (9 replies)
... You're welcome!! My floater looked like a worm with a couple of black specs. I had a few spots on my neck / throat - one is back where the tonsil is and I could feel that when I swallow, and the others I can feel by touching it on my neck - like knots going down in a line on a muscle. I too had some problems with swallowing. It felt like I had to move my neck to... (46 replies)
TMJ face change
Nov 20, 2009
... I heard clicking sounds in my ears... what can possibly fix this? ... (97 replies)
Jul 30, 2009
... I didn't realise it could be so serious. I find it interesting and it never amazes me the mass of symptoms throughout the whole body a disfunction of the jaw can cause and how each of us experiences different symptoms at different stages of TMJD and at differing levels of pain. ... (2 replies)
Jul 30, 2009
... you've explained the situation very well. I have the identical situation daily myself. I also feel sometimes that I have a really tight turtleneck on, and that it gets worse for sure from stress. This is due to the forward head posture we all can get from tmj. ... (2 replies)
... al hospital but they wanted to dive straight in there with surgery and their treatment plan was 10 years! From what I've read surgery isn't always the answer and can make it worse and more painful. ... (11 replies)
... since I have trouble swallowing and feel like I am choking I have a feeling it will be the latter. ... (31 replies)
... ough the use of splint therapy. I've got an anterior displaced disc on the left and the right joint is bone to bone with some deformity to the condyle. Already I can tell that the popping has reduced, but is still there sometimes so I know the disc on the left hasn't positioned itself within the joint yet. ... (9 replies)
Fingers in ear
May 27, 2008
... ear thing with my boyfriend and i couldnt feel anything, yet when i do it to myself i can feel the joint popping out! I get the deviation too, to the left side. i consider any sort of deviation severe because frankly your jaw isnt meant to do that! ... (16 replies)
... I am sure there are others here that are having problems with their condyles - some just don't log in every day so hopefully they will do so shortly and offer some advice. I have consulted with more than 20 drs over a 4 year period - the first few told me it was imagined pain and referred me to a therapist, after several months I developed neck problems and severe body... (9 replies)
... Saying the letter N throughout the day can remind you to unclench or discontinue grinding your teeth. ... (8 replies)

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