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... Ok I've had this going on for 6 months and i'm so desperate for answer or atleast someone that has had something similar. I'm just going to list my symptoms in the order they have came about. ... (0 replies)
... Have you considered something in the spine or neck? ... (2 replies)
... I became a bit less sensitive to noises, but developed a constant vibration in my ears which is driving me mad. ... (5 replies)

... I hear clicking and popping when opening my jaw, When pressing on TMJ it is painful and pain also radiates to my head above, I have tinnitus in the left ear, and some degree of forward head posture. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, Toodledoo! I checked out your thread and it's crazy how a lot of the symptoms are similar to mine. I have a constant hissing sound in both ears, but sometimes it will turn to high frequency tones. Sometimes it's worse in one ear, sometimes in the other. ... (11 replies)
My TMJ symptoms
May 25, 2014
... YOu need to see a specialist - sorry to hear you are going through this -you need to get an MRI of your joint. I would also recommend seeing a neurologist to rule any neurological issues. Take care. (2 replies)
... It is funny because orthodontia is what created my problem in the first place. I know that is not the ONLY thing... ... (26 replies)
... nt visits to my Orthodontist and at one point, I didn't go for a year. I was told to make the decision if I wanted to go ahead with a jaw surgery and since I was in fear of permananet numbness and drooling etc, which I've read about, I was hesitant in making a decision. ... (21 replies)
... m still struggling to figure out what is wrong. It has definitely taken a toll on me! Any suggestions or anything would be much appreciated. It is quite long and in depth..sorry about that..but I felt like I needed to include as much information as possible. Thanks again for any help! ... (11 replies)
... My work entails alot of physical exertion, I push a 500 lb ultrasound machine and scan patients in very awkward positions for extended time periods, next extended flexed, too detailed, but trust me it is NOT what many people THINK. ... (13 replies)
... LTC, I got the nightguard, but it's not much different from the one I bought. The only last molar crown which I have "gets stuck in it" so I'll call the dentist next week to adjust it. ... (80 replies)
... which these people have!! I could find the same analogue in my dental experience! It was actually very useful to read it. ... (82 replies)
... ven believe my eyes after I read your post, your symptoms are exactly, and I mean EXACTLY what I have been going through. If it helps at all just know you arn't in this alone. ... (10 replies)
... About 6 months ago I yawned pretty wide and my jaw locked open. I could not close it. I tried relaxing but that didn't work. I try to move it different ways so that I can shut it but that didn't work either. ... (1 replies)
... Last Wednesday I made my first visit to the maxillo facial surgeon recommended by my dentist. He is actually in the same hospital down the same corridor so that was convenient at least. ... (0 replies)
Jul 4, 2003
... I have major crackling too. It started at least 6 months ago and it has gotten louder. I crackle A LOT when I move my neck and head. When I swallow, without moving my head I crackle too. The crackling also sounds like it is in my ears. ... (6 replies)
... treatment until I find something that relieves the pain and other symptoms. I have seen numerous doctors, yet nobody can seem to figure out how to break the pain cycle and relieve the other symptoms. I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel about getting rid of these symptoms. ... (17 replies)
TMJ forever in NY
Feb 18, 2003
... My TMJ started when I was 15, 6 years ago. ... (5 replies)
Jaw surgery x3
Mar 4, 2014
... Sorry to hear what you are going through. No personal experience with Dr. ... (29 replies)
... ve whether or not your jaw is wired shut. But for me, my oral surgeon said he definitely wanted it moving the next day to prevent scar tissue from forming which can result in the jaw not opening and then you are in real trouble. ... (14 replies)

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