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... I have had tmjd for 14 years now. When I started to have headaches towards the end of third grade and the beginning of fourth I was going to the doctor about once a week. ... (4 replies)
... Hello everyone. My name is Sarah and I am new to this nightmare called TMD. I have been reading everyone's posts and sadly I am discovering that this might be something that I'll be living with for quite a while. I am 23. ... (8 replies)
... Hey! Yes, I believe I do have sleep apnea. I broke my nose when I was 2 years old, so I have a deviated septum... ... (7 replies)

... I'm sorry to hear things are not working out and that you have added complications. Do you know if you have sleep apnea? ... (7 replies)
For "Puzzled"
Apr 3, 2005
... I then was referred to a rheumatologist. In the end she said I did not have lupus or M.S. ... (25 replies)
... Thanks for the hug because I sure did need it. I appreciate you thinking of me and keeping me in your prayers. I wonder daily how you are doing. I am so glad to hear you are doing well. I hope you continue to progress so well. ... (9 replies)
... I guess tomorrow your future olympic swimming champion is off to the pool. Sounds like fun. Can I come too? ... (30 replies)
... OK, I've been reading your posts about the neuromuscular dentists. So, I started doing some searching on LVI, etc. A few popped up in Georgia. ... (11 replies)
Intro thread
May 17, 2014
... First have you had an MRI and CT Scan of your jaw? ... (3 replies)
Intro thread
May 15, 2014
... I stumbled across this board and decided to register and say hey. Maybe I can help someone out with their struggle, maybe one of you can help me. I've been fighting TMJ issues for five years now, although I think I had it less severely for a number of years before that. ... (3 replies)
... So i went to the ENT. She did a scope and an exam, found nothing wrong. I told her my thoughts on the hyoid bone being out of whack based on the research I did. Told her I thought it was related to my tmj which she didn't seem to think was possible. ... (16 replies)
... er like clamp" put in to correct it, told by others that it was a hoax so I avoided it, year or so later started getting ear fullness, went to numerous ENTs, had an MRI done, had my ears flushed, had numerous meds, had an audiology, confirmed ears weren't the problem which brings me to now. ... (0 replies)
... You are so right. I just went outside and it's a beautiful day. I helped my friend set up her snowcone booth for the 4th Celebration. I am also going back on Zoloft. I've been off of it for at least 10 months and I'm definatley going back on it. The stress is awful. ... (7 replies)
... I'm not sure if Judy has a son in Iraq ...but, it was my post I think you read. Yes, my son Robert has been in Iraq since March. ... (58 replies)
I got my MRI today
May 19, 2003
... on my jaw, and they are by far the worst. I was in excruciating pain during the MRI and for days after because of the open position. When I had my second MRI theire machine was messed up and they kept redoing the MRI and torturing me. The 1st MRI they used a small suringe and the pictures were clear and great. ... (27 replies)
Doctor visit..
May 7, 2003
... Heya Heather! I know you must be discouraged.. getting that kind of news from your doctor that you got the wrong splint can be frustrating as heck... but the good news is that even when the 'humans' are getting it wrong.. the big guy upstairs is looking out for you. ... (11 replies)
Apr 22, 2003
... escpecially if she is afraid to eat because she does not want to be in pain. If I were you I would send her to the dentist, have him confirm that it is tmj, then he should be able to refer her to a specialist. I know that most of us probably have been in Kim's shoes, this is not fun. ... (5 replies)
... She has medial displacement of both discs in the closed mouth position. Dr. Stack said that the disc cartlidge displacement is inward, which I assume makes it harder to get back into alignment with the use of splints. He was very upfront when discussing her diagnosis. ... (17 replies)

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