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... Don't give up. I have been sent to the shrink several times in the past year. I was told I have TMJ and then the same specialist said that I only have TMJ like symptoms that are being caused by something else. I swell up like a chipmunk and for a petite frame, my face belongs to somebody else when times are bad. ... (2 replies)
... dicine each day. I also studied and studied more about herbs. I read about the law of natural cure, that if you give the body the perfect set of conditions, it can heal itself. I didn't really understand herbal medicine at that time, but something was working. But the cure was so slow. ... (7 replies)
Tmj ears clogged
May 3, 2017
... improvements. It is heart wrenching and scary to live this way. I am just praying to be heading in the right direction. Only time will tell. Too bad I am already running thin on patience. ... (6 replies)

... didn't, THEN I could freak out about it and start planning what to do next. They're reminders help, but anxiety is a master manipulator, and a single and thought can quickly cycle into 500. ... (6 replies)
... So to update you on my journey. I saw the TMJ specialist. Not all dentists claiming to treat TMJ actually know what they are doing so make sure you seek out the best with lots of analytical equipment and such. ... (1 replies)
... stinging that I get intermitantly all over my body. It happens a lot in the feet, but I can get it anywhere on my skin including my ears for forehead, very high up. ... (0 replies)
... I am sorry to hear about your jaw troubles. I know exactly what you are going through. I have had tmj for about 7 years. ... (7 replies)
... geon who did my jaw surgery. I didn't expect her to react the way she did. It surprised me, she told me it was muscle spasms, and there was nothing more that she can do. ... (21 replies)
... Hi more understand the mind body connection with TMD disorder, you can research Central Nervous sensitization....over time, if the TMD continues, the body can go into a heightened you are always running on adrenaline. ... (14 replies)
... its just that there is no clinical or systemic cause of them that can be medically identified. ... (5 replies)
... depressants can casue or induce further clenching or grinding so sometimes they are not always helpful. ... (10 replies)
... MJD. I always knew others had it, but to read real life stories mirroring the same things I have been dealing with for the past NINE have all of you, I can truly say I have been brought to tears...of happiness to find you all here! ... (15 replies)
... which can complicate things. ... (10 replies)
... When I lay down, on either side, it' feels like I have water or fluid running out of my ear, but I don't. My ears are fine. Can Tmj cause this? ... (0 replies)
... My grades dropped because of this, and I have had to take a semester off. Fortunately, I have recently gotten a handle on this, and I hope that what I am doing can provide you relief as well. ... (27 replies)
... No questions are considered silly when concerning health. I haven't any back problems that I am aware of but they can most definitely along with your neck pain, be connected. It seems to me that my jaw problems only began since my trips to the dentist started a year ago. ... (6 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... Your symptoms could be caused from your clenching.Clenching can cause all kinds of strange symptoms and problems. Have any of these dentists or specialists you have seen mentioned TMJ or problems that clenching can cause. ... (5 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... I don't know about the bleeding, but in my personal experience, clenching did cause my tissue to become irritated in places. ... (5 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... question is .. does anyone know it possible to night bruxism ..and or TMJ to cause the things I have experiencing ..and are TMJ and Bruxism the same thing ? ... (5 replies)
... l be seeking out another allergist. I'm just not satisfied with my present one. He makes no effort in guiding me with all these things I'm reacting to...or is it cause the tmj has been the main culprit, or is it the fibro...or is it the vasomotor is the real reason for this? ... (11 replies)

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