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Fed up with TMJ!
Jun 12, 2018
... So after 9 months of waiting for a specific needle, it was finally time to get the botox appointment rescheduled. ... (19 replies)
... For me the splint has been a godsend. I was very worried when getting the splint because it took adjustments to feel comfortable, I read all the horrors and I was so nervous. My issue is different because I have never had locking. ... (4 replies)
Tmj gums burning?
Apr 29, 2018
... ve had TMJ symptoms for years. Headaches, jaw clicking and occasional dislocation. Usually aggravated by stress. Come and goes. ... (1 replies)

... Well, just as predicted, the newly adjusted NTI prevented my locking for a few days, and now I've "gotten used to it" and my jaw has figured out how to lock itself up again. The severe pain is gone and the locking is back, just as I thought. ... (7 replies)
... fractured both my condyles. This messed up my bite to an extreme degree. I consulted with an oral surgeon who confirmed fractures on both condyles and wired my jaw shut for two weeks, followed by three weeks of strong elastics on the arch bars. ... (2 replies)
Jaw surgery x3
Mar 5, 2014
... I started experiencing some pain cewing in my right TMJ joint which progessively worsened over a 2 week period to the point my muscles spasmed and my jaw locked up. ... (29 replies)
... I am new to this, and what my dentist said, that the pain can be on one tooth, but the pain that continues to stay there on one tooth and never change or go away, is something to be looked at. ... (1 replies)
... I've come up with a ton of additional questions to ask the doctor and I'm wondering if he'd be willing to discuss them with me over the phone rather than another appointment. ... (12 replies)
... lar repositioning splint for about 26 months now. For the first 14 months, I just wore it during the day and I had an upper splint at night that had a "beak" in the front that kept my bite in the same position as the day splint and a "wedge" that came down behind my lower teeth that kept my lower jaw in a forward position. ... (10 replies)
... I had wrist surgery in February. I was in a short arm cast for 6 weeks. I had to move my shoulder and elbow in different positions while in the cast, and still out of the cast because my wrist still has a ways to go to regain proper movement. ... (5 replies)
... this never worked and my jaw closed with my bottom jaw to the left of my upper teeth. ... (2 replies)
... The part you described about the molars erupting has never been mentioned by my dentist. I seem to have the opposite problem now in that height needs to be reduced, but why everything worked previously is a mystery than no one can answer. ... (15 replies)
... Hello everyone. I've been lurking these boards for the past couple months, but now I feel that it's my turn to post my own thread. ... (8 replies)
... Hey guys, I'm new to this site, but very interested in those like me, hypermobile with jaw issues. My mandible seems to be pulling backwards from my tight face and neck muscles, from clenching and grinding at night. ... (12 replies)
... (6 replies)
... Hi I went to another dentist in the last ditch hope that there may be something I can do to avoid having an arthroscopy on my locked jaw. ... (0 replies)
... I have had splints, braces, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and the surgery where they wash out the scar tissue from the joint. Nothing has had any permanent results. Everything has required nonstop care and nothing has stopped this from getting worse. ... (8 replies)
... We can all have slipped discs, but there are different stages of slipped discs, and disc and joint damage, which is why there are also variations in the way the jaw functions and the range of opening. ... (10 replies)
... C6 disc herniation abutting spinal cord and mild spinal stenosis, I was already beat up with THAT then cervical traction for the neck caused this madness, its just been downhill since and see no way back right think I will have to live like this for another day is just too much. ... (7 replies)
... I've had muscle spams from the start. For the longest time, I didn't know what was causing them. In my case, the pain is on my right side around the ear. Felt like I had a constant bad ear infection when none of my specialists or audiologist could find anything wrong. ... (7 replies)

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