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... afterwards I had pain for a few days both in the tooth and jaw. ... (7 replies)
... a splint, depending on its design, can sometimes change your bite. Assuming it is made by your ortho though may lessen or reduce that risk. ... (9 replies)
... I just had my appointment with the orthodontist to get fitted for the invisalign braces. He feels that this will solve my tmj problem. ... (2 replies)

... That's quite interesting what you said about the ortho. ... (19 replies)
... I still have the braces, and as I said, have not had any pain except for about a 6 week period this summer. I have not worn the splint since last September when I got the top braces. ... (17 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... Your symptoms could be caused from your clenching.Clenching can cause all kinds of strange symptoms and problems. Have any of these dentists or specialists you have seen mentioned TMJ or problems that clenching can cause. There are many different types of splints for different problems. ... (5 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... Sometimes I think just being named Michelle is a risk factor. ... (5 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... Hello .. I am looking for some advice and or input .. A little backround , I am 41 years old , and take very good care of my teeth , flossing once a day every day , brushing properly , and see my dentist 2 x a year .. for cleaning and check up . ... (5 replies)
... I got such a kick out of you saying that you look for me at certain stores. You know I do the same thing. I was in the DAV store a week or two ago. I couldn't figure out their seperation of clothing sizes at all. I wondered if you were in there at the same time. ... (7 replies)
... I'm glad to hear you got your braces on and that all is going well with them. The soreness in your mouth will go away but in the meantime you can ask the office to give you some wax to put over the braces where the sores are in your mouth. I used it from time to time when I had mine. It helps a great deal. ... (7 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Nov 17, 2003
... When I began posting on this board I also never imagined I would run into anyone who lives in the Joplin area but I do have to tell you have happy I am that I did meet someone else who lives near me. I have seen actually run into two others in this area with splints. ... (23 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Nov 15, 2003
... I totally understand about typing a long post and then losing the whole post. I have had that happen a couple of times. It is very frustrating. ... (23 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Nov 12, 2003
... I wanted to apologize for not telling you my name sooner. I didn't mean to deceive you or anything. I saw Dr. ... (23 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Nov 6, 2003
... That is so frustrating when the boards are working right and you lose a post that you have put alot of time into. ... (23 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Oct 27, 2003
... It is so good to hear from you again. I tried to post yesterday, but the site would not let me. I was beginning to actually wonder if maybe I was banned for a posting error. You know how TMJD effects a person, you think the worst in every situation. ... (23 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Oct 26, 2003
... I agree with you that it's so great that Dr. LaFerla is in on Fridays. My dentist works only half a day on Friday. ... (23 replies)
Hello TiffanyAnn
Oct 24, 2003
... That is odd that you saw the orthodontist today, because I definitely was thinking about you and our orthodontist. Isn't it great that he is not out of the office all the time and is in on Fridays? ... (23 replies)
... I'm so glad you wrote again.I agree about the internet getting a bad wrap. It has also been a Godsend to me. There were times I would not survived had it not been for the people on this list and their encouragement. ... (36 replies)
Looking For Help?
Jul 24, 2003
... Like I already mentioned my problems all started the same way. I had a root canal and then unfortunately my insurance changed and I went to the HMO dentist on the list. Well, she put a crown in my mouth that was way too big. ... (46 replies)
... t there is no other solution for me but jaw surgery, or tmj surgery is not necessarily calming. Every treatment I've read about for recapturing the disc reguires braces or surgery. Then there are people that post and tell you that you have to get treated or it will get worse, Well, of course I want to get treated, but, how? ... (36 replies)

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