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... A week later I had some soreness on my right side jaw joint and over a few days it became worse to the point that I could not open my mouth more than one finger width without excruciating pain in the joint. ... (2 replies)
... t learned I had TMJ when I was 17. Dentist told me I may need surgery when I'm older. Well I haven't been to a dentist since, and I believe the time has come. My jaw has been out of place for 2 weeks, before I always had an overbite but now my front teeth match up but my back teeth cannot close to chew. ... (0 replies)
Introduction to me
Nov 14, 2013
... Hello, im Emily and im 34 and new here. I first had an issue withthe left side of my jaw at the age of 13. ... (2 replies)

Hit in the jaw
Oct 29, 2011
... ow I have spoke to my dentist at home and he don't think I have anything major going on, but the issues are this. I have pain at the rear of the right side of my jaw just below the ear. I cannot bite down all the way, however it the mornings I'm able to bite down much easier then towards the end of the day. ... (3 replies)
... As far as function goes, I can still chew and open my mouth wide enough to eat most food. The main problem is with my open bite. Because my front teeth don't close all the way, I have a problem tearing food. Also any food that is thin, like slices of pizza, I have to cut up because I cannot tear it apart. ... (5 replies)
... Yes i do wat with the splint, when i remove the splint it creates more earaches and i definitely cannot close my mouth as it feels weird like the jaw will snap it used to be worse but now when i do it its not as painful... ... (4 replies)
... skull. Then when you close your mouth, the disc rides back up, and stays on top of the condyle. ... (20 replies)
... not just go up and down. The position of the joints affect the amount of room or distance you need to open and close, so when this is not equal on both sides the jaw will deviate. Medical drs do not treat this. ... (4 replies)
... I've been doing some things in the mirror trying to better see exactly what is bothering me about my TMJ other than the jaw clenching / tightening and I have realized that I basically cannot open and close my jaw in a straight line (up and down) without it popping and having to go out of line to close. If I try really hard I can get it to go in a straight line but this causes... (4 replies)
... aw ordered an MRI, told me my discs were displaced, and then said I needed arthrocentesis. I saw 4 conservative specialists after him who said I do not even come close to needing a procedure like that. I agree. many people have displaced discs, and this does not necessarily mean you need surgery. ... (5 replies)
... After I had a tooth pulled about 3 months ago I started having extreme pain during sleep it was not that bad at first but progressed. I had mild jaw pain before the most recent tooth was pulled but now it is out of control. I only have 7 teeth all in the front of my lower jaw no back teeth on my lower jaw. ... (6 replies)
Bad dream
Jul 17, 2004
... locked. It was opened to the maximum and i could not close it at all. I was in pain. Didnt know what to do. Dad asked me to eat medicine but how can i chew my medicine when my mouth cannot close? ... (2 replies)
... Hello julianm, I understand that this whole TMJ thing is confusing, esp. since there is no one rule of thumb for treatment and different dentists have different ideas for treatment... :dizzy: I think that the first step would be to have diagnostic tests to see exactly what is going on with the joint... Is it only muscular? Is it the joint? Is it a malocclusion? What is... (5 replies)
... thinks my jaw joints are too close to my ear, squishing my retrodiscal tissues and nerves. ... (5 replies)
... My jaw had been feeling very tired and tight for days and I did some research online and saw some suggestions to do some stretching exercises. ... (2 replies)
... eon. My biggest advice is to seek many opinions before undergoing total joint surgery. There is no turning back once you have the surgery. Following the first jaw surgery my opening dropped to below 12mm. I was diagnosed with countless conditions except the real problem. ... (7 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear about your experience and am so glad you have recovered. I' m sorry I can't really help you. I have been told that I need total joint replacement, both sides and am anxious about surgery, complications; success rate etc. Did your oral surgeon offer an explanation as to what happened and this risk of this happening again with total joint replacement... (7 replies)
... one side done due to this complication and I did not have any fat grafting, just a gap arthroplasty. I also had to have a portion of bone removed from my lower jaw removed and subsequently a titanium plate installed so that they could access the source of the bleeding. This is not what I expected at all. ... (7 replies)
... I am sorry to hear of your jaw troubles. I understand completely what you are feeling right now. This jaw pain you are feeling is most definitely related to the elbow to the jaw you received. ... (12 replies)
... or will do a free consultation but say they cannot read my MRI. I feel like the MRI I had done was useless because no one will read it. ... (12 replies)

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