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... I am hoping someone can provide some guidance for a specialist in the Dallas, TX area? ... (0 replies)
Botox for TMJ?
May 22, 2014
... I have actually just gone through the botox treatments. I do have to let you know that even though it is for tmj your insurance may fight for not wanting to pay for the treatments. ... (7 replies)
... Yes the dizziness has went away. It comes back when I start lacking on caring for my tmj. Sometimes I tend to forget that I need to me attentive to my tmj. I think that hardest part is finding something that works for you. ... (18 replies)

... Ask your dentist who made it how to take care of it. I was told simply to brush it with toothpaste. I do this everytime I wear it. Also, every few months i take it back to the dentist - she has tool that basically can blast away crud that can build up and the also nukes it in some microwave like device that is supposed to kill bacteria that can build up. Check with your... (3 replies)
... I just got a new night guard today and I'm really hoping it will help with my TMJ symptoms. I have never had one before, and I was wondering how to care for it? ... (3 replies)
... My TMJ pain is completely muscular. I've been diagnosed with cervicalgia and myofacial pain in addition to the TMJ. It is all related though. ... (27 replies)
TMJ face change
Feb 26, 2010
... from all the doctors I've met so far, Dr. Simmons was the best for me. ... (97 replies)
... Hi Angel, yes, I have heard that too about "Norco"...that it is better on your liver and for longterm CP. You are lucky to have found a caring dentist that understands about pain control and medications more than most! ... (13 replies)
... rself lucky to be given the Norco right of the bat...sounds like your dentist really knows what he is doing! From what I have researched, Norco is so much better for you due to its lower amount of liver damaging ingredients...If you don't mind me asking, what miligram are you on? ... (13 replies)
... Unfortunately, most dentists will only prescribe pain meds for short term use, but you may have gotten lucky and found a caring, sensitive one that will...I hope this is the case! ... (13 replies)
... Thanks everyone for your replies! ... (13 replies)
... I am right there with you I am 25 and have been suffering with tmj problems for about 12 years. It does take people awhile to find the right treatment for them. I have come to find every case is different for tmj. ... (15 replies)
... Hope everything goes well for you. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, it sure is. I could not have asked for a more compassionate and caring physician. ... (11 replies)
No TMJ, now what?
Sep 26, 2013
... CT Scans and MRIs are used for different diagnostic purposes. Things that show up on CT scans don't show up on MRIs and vice versa. ... (5 replies)
No TMJ, now what?
Sep 24, 2013
... which has caused me to believe that I have TMJ pain when in fact, there is nothing wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
... My dentist referred me to a TMJ "specialist". Turns out he isn't actually a specialist. ... (7 replies)
TMJ Replacement
Jun 6, 2013
... Thank you so very much for your caring words. I have called Dr. Glyman's office and hope to get her scheduled for an evaluation in the next month or so. ... (9 replies)
... that used an expander in her 40's and it worked for her! ... (12 replies)
... hi usafwife3. I am so sorry you are in pain and that you are so scared. Yes it can be tmj or it could be a list of other illness. I think your husband could be a little more caring towards you because the symptoms are very real to you. ... (2 replies)

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