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Eye pain
Jan 25, 2004
... is a large muscle on either side of the neck. ... (2 replies)
... who suffer with terrible ear problems at the onset or early stages of TMJD problems, Tinnitis being one of the hardest symtoms to deal with. ... (5 replies)
... TMJ definately mimics other problems. That is one of the reasons it is so difficult to diagnose. It's amazing all the symptoms that TMJ causes. Here is a list of symptoms which was originally posted by Marlene. ... (9 replies)

... e told me that if I did not get it taken care of, it would destroy my body and possibly drive me crazy. I thought he was nuts, especially since I had never heard of it. ... (23 replies)
... I have an awful, patchy memory so excuse me if this is all over the place. The timeline won't be perfect. ... (6 replies)
... Over the last three months, I've slowly developed more symptoms. ... (0 replies)
... For the past 4 years I've been having a range of symptoms that seem to line up with TMJD. ... (0 replies)
... not easy at all to find a good tmjd specialist. Unfortunately, you may need to drive to locate a good one. Not everyone knows how to treat tmjd effectively. Many of us on here have been to doctor after doctor, and are still in treatment, or still looking for a good specialist. ... (1 replies)
... strange medical history that I'll try to get out of the way as quickly as possible. I had a stroke at age 10. The stroke effected my right side but I fully recovered. I developed extreme generalized anxiety pretty much immediately after the stroke that remains to this day. ... (1 replies)
Jan 5, 2009
... Me too, guys, I feel very close with you both. You are kind of my family now, someone who can understand and support. ... (76 replies)
... I'm new to all this, and I'm not even sure what's going on. I've done a little bit of reading on the internet and now I thought I'd turn to people who have TMJ Disorder and see what you all think. Any help is SOOO appreciated! ... (1 replies)
... here is a list of my you think i could have tmj? ... (1 replies)
... Been reading several topics on these boards for awhile, but just now posting. I'm 33 and have had clicking in my jaw since the late seems to have started around the time I had braces. ... (2 replies)
Feb 18, 2006
... Well I had also been having eye pain, and pressure behind behind my eyes... this is a symptom of tmj disorder yes. I went to the doctor just to be sure, the eye doctor that is. ... (1 replies)
Worrying Symptoms
Jan 13, 2005
... I have the symptoms you discribe. I have what appeared a first to be sinus pressure behind the bridge of nose just below my eyes. I went to the ENT and they did a cat scan and everything appreard normal. Now keep im mind i have chronic allergies so my sinus are always inflamed. ... (20 replies)
... I feel for everyone of you. I have suffered from TMJ for the last 9 years. This is what I have learned about it. TMJ can cause all of the symptoms you all have listed plus alot more. It depends how bad your TMJ is. TMJ is a problem with the joint that connects your top and bottom jaw together. ... (25 replies)
... compresses for a month, and use of a nightguard. ... (5 replies)
Jun 6, 2003
... and all have come back negative. i've had a CT scan, EEG test, Preg test, Thyroid checked, neurology exam, standard and advanced blood work. All of these were negative and i was really frustrated over that as you can imagine! ... (7 replies)
... I too came here from the Ear Board. I have been suffering with a foggy headed disconnected feeling since March. I have been to GPs ENTs and my neurologist is booked until August 22. ... (6 replies)
... My son and I have no jaw sounds at all but we have been diagnosed with TMJ by a world renowned expert. From what I've read of your symptoms I feel you most likely are suffering from TMJ. ... (8 replies)

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