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... ven if it is a movement disorder most are often triggered by some type of trauma or injury to the head or neck that affects the brain stem and even a significant change in bite can induce that. ... (2 replies)
... tor said this type of guard is best for grinding because youre not able to get as much leverage to grind with only the cuspids touching. Nothing is being done to change my overall bite or reposition my jaw. ... (13 replies)
... Hiya, I think this is a good question and I am hoping that the results of my MRI will give me the answer to my sudden change in bite. ... (5 replies)

... issues like a throid problem or even strep thoat can cause similar symptoms so maybe you should get a med checkup to rule out other medical conditions. Does your mouth feel very dry as well? ... (8 replies)
... I agree too, how in the world can one ignore their teeth if they are not right. ... (63 replies)
... those that have lost teeth or have had reconstruction over time probably had the good fortune of the body having the ability to adjust to the change gradually. ... (63 replies)
... t noticed a change in my bite and my top and bottom teeth do align properly. I wish my TMJ dentist measured my bite at the very beginning of this mess! It is amazing how fast your body can change. All of a sudden, I couldn't open my mouth very wide. UGH! ... (4 replies)
... years retired about 2 years ago and I was left to seek out another dentist. I had never had jaw problems in my life. ... (2 replies)
... deep tissue massage, ultrasound, and chinese cupping on my neck and back. This helped tremendously and slowly but surely over the course of about 6 months, my bite just seemed to close again. I also did some back and neck stretching and strengthening exercises every day. The physio also massaged my jaw too which helped. ... (6 replies)
Looking For Help?
Jul 24, 2003
... blems all started the same way. I had a root canal and then unfortunately my insurance changed and I went to the HMO dentist on the list. Well, she put a crown in my mouth that was way too big. ... (46 replies)
... Hi, have you fixed your open bite issue yet? ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for responding! You are so right, this disorder is just mind boggling. In fact, just today, I went in for my first adjustment for my orthotic and my NM was baffled by the fact that my ears turn red when they hurt really bad. ... (5 replies)
... y why I refused splint therapy as my treatment and I wish I would've ran out the door when the dentist before that wanted to shave my teeth, better yet give me a mouth guard claiming I grind which I didn't! I wore Hawley retainers for 15 yrs and they separate your teeth somewhat so how could I grind? ... (3 replies)
... only taking it out to eat. From what I can tell it's just the standard, flat plane kind of mouth guard. He and his staff assure me that it will NOT change my bite or do any permanent structural changes, only that it will "retrain" my muscles and jaw to relax and assume a normal position. ... (1 replies)
... when i close my mouth or afraid! ... (8 replies)
... he made me a splint, after 40 days of use ,the splint change my bite, my teath are coming together when i close my mouth, the is not space between them when i smile, am afraid is that good? ... (8 replies)
... This is a controversial topic, and dentists in particular seem to have differing views. ... (1 replies)
New TMJ Patient
Dec 10, 2014
... I responded because I have a similar story. My TMJ problems started after getting a bridge which was never fitted properly. It completely messed up my bite but the dentists kept telling me that "the bridge was fine" and "to grind on my natural teeth". ... (6 replies)
New TMJ Patient
Dec 1, 2014
... If it was many years ago, any teeth that did not touch as a result should have extruded to touch one another by now. I'm just concerned that your bite tests might not have been done properly. ... (6 replies)
... My bite shifted already due to the degenertive changes in my joint and my surgeon wants me to have braces first before surgery. ... (2 replies)

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