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... As I sit here right now, my forehead, cheeks and back of my head are numb. Both ears feel full, the right one also hurts. Like sharp pain deep inside. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Alex~ It is so very frustrating when you know something isn't right and Dr's aren't finding the problem. I went through this myself for a very long time prior to my diagnosis and it begins to feel like your nuts;) But if you definately know something is wrong, you have to be your own health advocate and search until you find the source. It took me a long time but I... (18 replies)
... anybody ever feel this? ... (2 replies)

... Originally my TMJ presented as rare instances of extreme ear pain on left side. I was never scanned, the ENT said I chew my cheeks and to stop chewing gum. No warning it could get worse. ... (6 replies)
... adding in the complications from your leg surgery that has not helped your attempt at recovery any. I know I may not be able to say anything that could make you feel better but just know you do have my support and can always vent to me. ... (26 replies)
... Hello everyone. I've been lurking these boards for the past couple months, but now I feel that it's my turn to post my own thread. ... (8 replies)
... I always grouped the tingling in with that...but this is numbness like a novacaine shot, so NOW I KNOW what numbness is, is yours numb like that and STAYS that way, mine does and has since what almost 2 weeks now...good gosh you have had yours for 5 weeks! ... (9 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Apr 9, 2009
... Many of your symptoms are classic signs of tmj - but the best way to determine if it is tmj or not is to rule out other medical possibilities and then be evaluated by a dentist trained and knowledgeable in tmj. You should also have your wisdom teeth evaluated to see if they do have enough room to erupt or if they may be causing some of your symptoms as well. IMO I doubt lyme... (7 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Mar 27, 2009
... I suspect I clench my jaw when I'm asleep, I remember trying to physically stop myself occasionally if i started clenching before I feel asleep. Although I haven't had this for some time now. I definately have bite marks on the inside of both sides of my mouth. ... (7 replies)
Dec 30, 2008
... I feel that too! And it really does not work! In fact, it's the opposite, if the lips and the cheeks can relax then it helps to feel what teeth are on the way and what the problem is. ... (76 replies)
Dec 28, 2008
... its quite frustrating. They seem to think I need this "freeway" space when in fact I feel I need much less than what they keep providing. My tongue needs to feel the teeth on each side of it on the top so I can relax my jaw and go into what I feel is close to a "swallowing" position. ... (76 replies)
... warm" sensation. Not numb or tingling....just a strange fuzzy feeling. Very hard to describe. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry you are going through the same symptoms as me they are horrible aren't they. And don't you just hate it when your partner buys a big mac and you can't have one because of the consequences after. Aren't they just inconsiderate. Hopefully we all will find some sort of miracle soon, well thats what it feels like is needed at the moment in time. Take care. Keep us posted... (7 replies)
... around my whole face, especially in my cheeks. I was going to post and ask if anyone else had this when I saw your post. Sometimes when I am really hurting and I feel like no one else understands, I remember this board and I know I am not alone. I hate the fact that so many of us are in constant pain. ... (7 replies)
Coping Methods
Jun 14, 2004
... After 2 years of chasing this TMJD, I'm no closer to a "cure", but I do feel I am closer to a "cope. ... (3 replies)
Weird face
Oct 15, 2003
... I have difficulty closing my mouth because I have a 2 mm open bite and a splint that increases my open bite to approx 5 mm. So, yeah, I feel weird too. ... (3 replies)
... being.Mine is tight and it feels like the whole inner lining is numb from being tight for so long.This is constant.Holding my head up all day feels like it's taking all my muscles. ... (4 replies)
Tongue Problems
Dec 11, 2002
... trying to mop the floor is a task. A few months ago, I was standing at the sink eating a banana and my whole mouth got so tired and my tongue just kind of went numb and tired..but then it was fine. It didn't happen again..but a few days later I had the most horrible pain in my jaw..My jaw has always popped,clicked and grind. ... (14 replies)

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