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... I have tried Meclazine. It didn't seem to do much but it didn't upset me any. (46 replies)
... I mean, say you do phase 2 and you get braces. The braces come off, and a couple of years later you get stress in your life, or something happens and you start grinding your teeth again, or something gets your jaw out of whack. What happens next? ... (46 replies)
TMJ and tinnitus
Jul 18, 2016
... Hi I am facing the exact same symptoms as u now and went to c an ENT but found nothing. I'm pretty sure it's caused by my braces but my dentist deny any linkages. How are u now? ... (6 replies)

TMJ and tinnitus
Dec 20, 2014
... and my right jaw suddenly popped and now whenever I open my jaw it pops. The jaw popping feels as though it is just infront of my right ear. It aches too. ... (6 replies)
... About five years ago I got a permanent bridge on the lower right side of my mouth. The bridge was too high and wide. The dentist said that it will eventually settle. ... (5 replies)
TMJ question
Nov 3, 2009
... reason why you are dizzy and light headed is due to the muscles in spasm being related to the ear. the muscles are the pterygoid medialus and tensor veli palatini. the first muscle controls part chewing and in conjunction with the second controls the Eustachian Tube. ... (6 replies)
... started probably 4 years ago.....pressure headaches in the forehead that would come and go....and just not feeling like myself. ... (7 replies)
... I have the same dizziness. If I try to read text on my computer screen, it looks like it's falling. When I blink, it moves back up to the original position and begins falling again. Over and over. If I look at a book sitting on a table, the book looks like it is rising. My ears feel hot at all times. ... (13 replies)
... I wondered myself how many others had Dizziness, ear problems and TMJ. ... (13 replies)
... Dizziness is a sypmtom controlled by the central nervous system. The brain receives its messages from the joints, ligaments and muscles. Many doctors have cited the traumatic malrelationships of the TMJ with ear structures that are close in proximity as a cause of vertigo. ... (6 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. What doctors have you seen? If you haven't this is what I would do: Go to your GP and get a complete physical done - blood work; urinalysis; ekg etc. See an Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor about your dizziness - inner ear problems can cause dizziness. (3 replies)
... became tense and uncomfortable. I think of the constant muscle strain as being similar to tensing my entire body ALL DAY LONG, and trying to live that way. It is very stressful and exhausting. I can eat and open my mouth. ... (38 replies)
Apr 27, 2011
... They are going well. I just had a 1.5 hr long appointment today to run a bunch of tests, scans and do an adjustment. I still have bad ear issues after 3 months and still some neck pain. For the most part, I have had a good improvement on the rest of my symptoms. ... (13 replies)
Apr 27, 2011
... Right now I'm trying an all liquid diet. Juicing, odwalla, ensure, naked juice, bolthouse farms, lots of stuff in the blender, etc... Less chewing helps my jaw. ... (13 replies)
Dec 15, 2009
... n I get this acid reflux thing taken care of that I don't start concentrating on my jaw again. I found that once I was diagnosed that was all I could think about and I would wake up grinding ALL the time. ... (1 replies)
... Well, this is just my opinion, based on my own experience, recent and in the past, and talking to many people who have had tmjd for yrs. ... (13 replies)
... years ago my dentist said I had enamel worn off my right molars and he sighted TMJD as a possible cause, this was well before any of the other symptoms started. Are you telling me TMJD may never get better? ... (15 replies)
... oft foods for a while til you get opinions regarding exactly what's the cause. Try moist heat, usually if the muscle is in spasm, this will calm it down. An easy and cheap thing to try is to take 500mg. ... (2 replies)
Is This Typical?
Jul 5, 2006
... TMJ can pretty much talk over your body so you can't enjoy life. MOst people have the clicking and the poping with jaw joints, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, limit openning, cant eat hard food and jaw pain. I have TMJ pretty bad and I wear a splint. ... (2 replies)
Is This Typical?
Jun 29, 2006
... On the way home we stopped for ice cream. Mine had "crunchies" in it. By the time I finished chewing through the crunchies, my jaws were tired and I was so dizzy and nauseous. ... (2 replies)

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