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... Hello all, I'm a new member (today), and it was interesting to me to read the variety of answers to this question. I've had TMJ/D for over 4 years now. Mine started suddenly after a normal (but 1-1/2 hr. long) dental appointment, where I had a 3-sided filling replaced. When the Novocaine wore off, I had excruciating and throbbing pain in my teeth on one side, and... (25 replies)
... You mentioned that you have a lot of pain when you are chewing, but my pain is all the time. A lot of muscular pain in the temples and masseter muscles, with swelling and stiffness near or at the joints. Do you only have the pain when you are chewing? ... (9 replies)
... pain in my temples etc. ... (9 replies)

Jul 7, 2006
... There is an earlier thread posted that lists all of the symptoms of tmj - while you do not have to have them all, the more common symptoms are clicking or popping in your tm joints near your temples when chewing, ear pain, ringing or stuffiness, headaches, jaw fatigue or pain, jaw deviation or pulling to one side, neck and shoulder pain, facial tingling or twiches and eye... (4 replies)
... does the tm joint or area around your temples hurt, do you have ringing or buzzing in your ears or do your ears hurt frequently, does your jaw feel tired after chewing or speaking, do you get frequent headaches or migranes, etc. ... (5 replies)
... I've had ultrasound done by a chiropractor. The first time, about 3 or 4 years ago, was a success. That was when I had my second TMJ flare up, (painful cracking when opening wide, & pain with chewing). With ultrasound & soft diet, it went away in a few weeks. Fast forward to this year. After seeing my reg. dentist & some other consultations that didn't go well, as well... (2 replies)
... Do you have clogged ears like fluid in there all the time? Do you get dizzy or vertigo with it? I do and it is driving me nuts. I cant take it. Allegra doesnt work, on xanax right now and I feel like I am drunk all the time. I hate this. Please help.........I dont have pain in the TMJ all the time. I do have popping and clicking etc. and the disk dislocates. My main symptoms... (16 replies)
... Headaches starting in the face or at the temples and worsening throughout the day. ... (16 replies)
... Hi All: I've spoken to a number of neuromuscular dentists lately, as most of you know, and am still deciding whether I see neuro#3 or #4. I haven't had an office consult with neuro #4 as his office staff couldn't get me in until Aug 8th (for a 1/2 hour free consult). So, instead I called and asked if he could call me as I had some questions. He was very pleasant on the... (8 replies)
Do i have tmj?
Jun 27, 2003
... you may just have an ear problem but the temple headaches are a red flag that something else is wrong. the muscles that conrtol chewing go up there and over your ears. if you put your fingers in your hair line just by your temples and and open and clase you mouth you can feel them. ... (5 replies)
... around my eyes, temples and deep into lower jaw. ... (17 replies)
... ommon with TMJS. It's due to the tensor veli palantini and the tensor tympani muscles connecting to the muscles of mastication and the ear. Grinding, clenching, chewing and talking causes these muscles to shorten and that puts a constant pull or pressure on the auricular cavity. ... (23 replies)
Please Help...TMJ?
Jul 17, 2002
... he accident, ever since PT I have pain running down the right side of my neck to my right shoulder. It's not all the time, but when this happens, I have problems chewing my food. ... (2 replies)
Jan 6, 2002
... DawnP: Yes, before the mouthsplints, talking for me even for 10 minutes would leave tension and a sore feeling in my cheekbones, jaw area and temples. (not on the bridge of my nose tho). As far as chewing goes, that was one of the first signs (although I didn't know it at the time), I would tire very easily from chewing, especially something like steak or something chewy. I... (36 replies)
Dec 4, 2001
... GG: You might feel some pulling at first with the guards so give it a couple of days to adjust. Then you will probably notice that your muscles won't react as sooner to something, i.e. smiling, chewing, squinting, etc. I couldn't even talk for 10 minutes in the beginning without them setting off. Never mind the pain in the neck and down the back. Now, I still have pain, but I... (13 replies)
Nov 30, 2001
... gether and place your hands on your cheeks so you can feel the contraction of the muscles, where they are, and how strong they are. Now place your hands on your temples and do the same thing. You can feel quite large contractions of the muscles in your temples that go up onto your skull. ... (13 replies)

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