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... Sorry for responding so incredibly late... That you for the great advice. I actually spoke to a family member that know's quite a bit about TMJ and practices medically but lives far away so couldn't work on me himself. He recommended a TMJ specialized chiropractor and a TMJ specialized masseuse. ... (2 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with tmj since eary '90's It comes and goes in intensity now I am in a very stressful time in my life and it has come back with more intensity. ... (5 replies)
... Active release technique is a technique used by physios and chiropractors not just on the TMJ joint but on other parts of the body as well, I think the theory is that it is supposed to help release adhesions that can keep muscles from moving properly. ... (12 replies)

... which is supposed to help TMJ. Do you think that something like that could help? ... (12 replies)
... for most of time was at 50 mg, neurologist recently bumped it up to 75 to help with headaches. ... (11 replies)
... A physical therapist can help with treatment for soft tissues, like easing the swelling or helping the muscles strengthen correctly to proper hold your bone in place. ... (8 replies)
... I am not a specialist, but if you had it for that long with no obvious cause, it may be that you have some issues going with the joint itself rather than muscles only. That is why the splint did not help. Have you had the imaging tests done (MRI, CT scan) to rule out the condition of the joint, discs etc? (8 replies)
... I have the mouth splint and it does not help. I'm wondering if a chiropractor, or possibly a physical therapist, might not be able to adjust or realign my jaw, Anyone have any info or experience? (8 replies)
... Hi, Yes i have the same exact condition, i have tmj but no pain at all. my jaw clicks out of control. my friend told me a chiropractor could help tmj. Wednesday i went to see one and he said its lax ligaments in the jaw. ... (4 replies)
... BTW, can any registered chiropractor help out with tinnitus thats related to the neck and jaw or do they have to be NUCCA chiropractors? ... (16 replies)
... Louise... i printed out your advice so i can follow it.... i went to the chiropractor today for the first time ... and they did a test on me whole body is out of wack... which has compressed the tmj bones an creates the earaches.... ... (6 replies)
... s the morning I woke up with tmj...and that hasn't improved at all. An ENT guy told me yesterday that he believes the tinnitus will eventually go away when the tmj is fully recovered. I'm hanging on to that! ... (12 replies)
... I have been to a Chiropractor for TMJ and found it to be a great help. The reason that people say that they go to a Chiropractor and the next day, they are a mess again is because it takes several visits for the adjustments to hold. ... (14 replies)
... Soundsensitive, I'm surprised reading your posts, because you have very similar symptoms to mine, only my TMJ symptoms explicitely began in an obvious way after I developed maloclusion after work done by a bad dentist last year. ... (11 replies)
Please Help...TMJ?
Jul 17, 2002
... ace. I also get dizzy when I chew. Again, this does not happen all the time, I can go for weeks without any of these symptoms. I have less problems when I see my chiropractor on a regular basis. My jaw does make a pop sound when I chew.. Also, I do have a wisdom tooth coming out, maybe this is the problem? ... (2 replies)
... The exact source of a person's TMJ is not always discovered or understood. ... (8 replies)
... Good luck with your new splint. Have you tried any medications that could help your grinding? ... (4 replies)
... feels like it is causing the pressure all over my head. I also was in a car accident and received very bad whiplash which has left my c spine damaged. I do see a chiropractor who does help with my pressure. So I do think they are both responsible for it. ... (7 replies)
... inflammatory and tried a muscle relaxer but that didnt prove to help at all. I am still attending physical therapy but I will look and see if I can find a good chiropractor that can do active release. Chiropractors always kind of scared me with all that popping and cracking, but maybe I should give it a go. ... (3 replies)
... ear, jaw, temple migraines, the joint right in front of the ear. I did accupunture and massage but didn't really notice improvement. The TMJ specialist was going to do annesthesia injections. So it wears off in a few hours but he said like accupunture, sometimes the act of injecting a needle helps. ... (3 replies)

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