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... Reading that has made me a bit gutted, sounds like the hard guards are much better. I wonder why the dentist decided to give me a soft guard, do the soft mouthguards cost less? ... (12 replies)
... With my soft bitegaurd I use my mentadent toothpaste with contains peroxide and baking soda ( a natural deodoraizer) then rinse it with peroxide. Works great. (12 replies)
... Ok. Thats good causes to make a new one :) I think you should ask him next time about the possiblity to use a hard one, costs etc. Simply ask if he thinks it would be of more benefit or not for you. And if not, why! (12 replies)

... A few reasons really, one because I had wisdom teeth out so it didn't fit that great and two because it turned a bit yellow. But the mouthguard was causing me great pain as well, but maybe that was because it didn't fit that great. I was told to get another mouthguard so I did. (12 replies)
... Why did you need a new one? I mean a soft one could be the correct one for you to use. But if you had problems before trying a mouthguard. And if after you've tried one still have problems, then perhaps something else would help better. Perhaps its time to ask your dentist why he/she did the decision? (12 replies)
... ^You say most people start with a soft mouthguard, but this is my second soft mouthguard now. (12 replies)
... Yes the soft one is cheaper and thats why you have got one I think. Most often they (you) start with a soft one to see if that improves anything. To some, the softer one is good enough. (12 replies)
... try soaking it in hydrogen will clean it and get rid of yellowness.....or you can go to the drug store and get some denture soak (12 replies)
... Cold water... Then I let i dry naturally. If you have a hard one you cannot bend it (mine will break and the dentist told me to be careful not to drop it). If its the soft one its more like rubber. But if you lay a pair of new ones side by side I could not tell the difference by just looking. Perhaps the acrylic is more glass-like, whilst the rubber are a bit more... (12 replies)
... Thank you both!:) When washing it, you use cold water right and not hot water? And do you dry it after washing it or do you let it dry naturally? I'm really confused now about what mouthguard I Maybe I do have a hard acrylic mouthguard, I just typed that into google images and it does look the same as mine. I typed soft mouthguard into google images and... (12 replies)
... I have an acrylic one and my dentist told me not to use tooth-paste. Thats something I heard from an previous dentist as well and that was when using the rubber version. So no tooth paste! When it comes to the acrylic he told me to use plain soap and brush. I think its very (impossible) to clean the mouthguard only by hand. He also mention that I coould use lemon mixed with... (12 replies)
... Although I wear a hard acrylic mouth guard I was told not to brush it or use tooth paste since that can be abrasive and etch the material allowing it to absorb discoloration from food and drink. I'm not sure if that would also apply to soft mouth guards. I was told to hand wash it with - believe it or not - plain soap and water. Keeping it in some water allows the material to... (12 replies)
... I live in the UK and have just recieved my second soft mouthguard, what do you think is the best way to clean a mouthguard? My dentist said to just use a tooth brush and cold water, and to leave a bit of water in the box after using it. This is what i did with my last mouthguard and after a while it started to turn So what do you think, how do you clean yours? (12 replies)
... I didn't think you was meant to use hot water on mouthguards because it can change the shape of it. ... (14 replies)

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