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... used to treat my boyfriend's back injury and started osteopathy treatment. I got a lot of relief and improvement from the first 2 treatments. I remember one day when I was on the phone, I couldn't believe myself the second I opened my mouth to talk. I felt so normal... so good. ... (1 replies)
... Do you notice whether you are clenching when you work out? ... (16 replies)
... TM joint, and not even with that much force, it didn't even hurt. So the next day when i woke up i noticed loud popping in my left jaw when i bit into anything with any relative force, or when i moved my jaw side to side. And when talking or chewing i would get clicking in my right jaw. ... (9 replies)

... Talk or speak more out of one side of their mouth than the other? ... (10 replies)
... act unkind to them with his mouth, but the way she lies about him drive my husband and I crazy. Like on Christmas he was sitting in a chair playing his gameboy when she told one of these lies and they aren't smart enough to realize she is just a trouble maker and he wasn't even upstairs where he supposedly hit her! ... (20 replies)
... I didn't know over what time period you were talking about. It seems like if it gets into years, that is when we end up having to live on meds to help with this. I hope your son didn't have to do this. ... (20 replies)
... I feel sometimes my teeth are almost chattering too unless I hold my mouth closed and teeth apart, hard if you have a tired feeling jaw. ... (4 replies)
... function. The TMJ is innervated by the auriculotemporal nerve branch of the trigeminal nerve. The auriculotemporal nerve is a very sensitive nerve to pain, thus when irritated it produces the abundant and strong symtoms the patient complains about. At that time it was called Costen's Syndrome. ... (23 replies)
Mar 18, 2002
... Hi Nat. The biggest thing that people don't realize when talking about splints is that there are two very different "types" of splints. People don't realize this because if you look at them, they look exactly the same. ... (8 replies)
... Maybe you are clenching your jaw in your sleep or throughout the day causing stress on the muscles? ... (5 replies)
... months, and it has helped quite a bit with my back, shoulders and neck. My right ear is the one that has been giving me trouble for about 15 months. It started when I noticed my bite being off. I was under a lot of stress last year, and I was clenching during the day. I was clenching on pencils and wood chips. ... (7 replies)
... sometimes the worst of all...tension headaches. Feels like my head is between a vice. The headahes, which occur mostly at night, are quite debilitating, and even when they aren't there is almost ALWAYS a mild sensation of tightness or tingling around my head or scalp. ... (6 replies)
... weeks ago that I started frequently pushing my left upper teeth and cheek with my tongue. I was also clenching my teeth often at night and sometimes during the day. Then the stabbing ear pain returned for a while and then, about 3 weeks ago, the worst part began. ... (0 replies)
Two more days
Mar 22, 2014
... Just wanted to post here one more time before I go to the new specialists Monday. I am nervous and afraid because I am not sure how they will react to me when I show up. My family does have strange medical problems and so do I, but I don't want that to be a factor that they focus on. ... (2 replies)
Tmj nightmare
Oct 3, 2013
... ll have debilitating symptoms. My jaw, head, back, face muscles hurt practically all day long. I work as a technical support agent and basically using my jaw and mouth all day long talking on the phone. Obviously due to this it seems to get worse and worse through out the day. ... (17 replies)
... First off that is wonderful about your vacation. I hope you have a great time. I was just in the Bahamas a few weeks ago with my fiance and it was just a great time. Hopefully you have great weather too. It sounds as if your jaw is starting to calm down after the injury. This is good news for sure. The fact that you aren't in a lot of pain is a good sign! One question tho,... (12 replies)
TMJ doesn't end...
Jul 10, 2013
... where the tip of your tounge touches the roof of your mouth hold it there. I have been doing it for so long I automatically put the tip of my tounge there when not eating or talking. It is also a GREAT TRICK if you are out in a boat or riding rides. ... (9 replies)
... etc... stuff I WAS doing already. He didn't tell me if my disks were out of place or if my jaw joint was backed up into my ear. My bite has changed though and when I don't have my partial in my mouth my bite doesn't feel right. I eat without my partial. ... (2 replies)
Tmj splint
Sep 18, 2012
... crunching joint acts up. Usually this means that when I chew, my teeth don't quite meet, or that while I'm talking, my teeth unexpectedly slam together. ... (12 replies)
... (6 replies)

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