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TMJ Pain
Aug 14, 2018
... I have a small or missing condyle on my left side. This makes my right side have to do all the work. My masseter muscle is very thick and and causing my bite to be off. ... (0 replies)
... I think you need to understand what is the cause of your TMJ problems. For me I i have displaced discs and a bony growth on my right condyle of TMJ joint and so I can't open, and when I try I end up straining my neck muscles to compensate. ... (21 replies)
Tmj please help
Jun 6, 2018
... trust me it is so bad to look at myself, i was also in stress without grinding my teeth or clenching but still i got tmj , I investigated a lot then i linked up all activities in my past that could have lead to tmj.. ... (5 replies)

Crying & TMJ
Sep 17, 2016
... trying to be taken seriously, trying to get definitive answers, trying to make them hear each other out, to absolutely no avail. So I'm left there at the bottom of that pit, tired and anxious and scared of a future of chronic pain that could easily become a reality if I make the wrong decision. ... (14 replies)
... I am in the same stage of tmj as you, though I've had it for less long, and am also doing really quite well. ... (8 replies)
Numbess and TMJ
Sep 21, 2014
... I think it's that they're made from a different type of cartilage than most joints in the body. They're fibrocartilage, which we only have in ours knees, between the vertebrae in our spines, and our jaws. ... (11 replies)
... One of my reservations about total joint replacement is that I'm not sure if it will work. ... (20 replies)
... had a wait a while too but not months.. My only caution to you is that radiologists are not necessarily well trained in reading the TMJ joint. ... (13 replies)
... Numbness down the arms and other parts of your bodies is not good. ... (21 replies)
... Here's my story. In Feb 2010 my jaw locked up and my muscles spasmed. I had an mri and i was diagnosed with a anteriorally displaced disc in the right tmj joint. ... (6 replies)
... after a long journey to figure out what was wrong. When I finally found an appropriate Specialist, I found out my discs were slipped and I had some significant condyle degeneration. ... (7 replies)
... surgical treatments first. Hopefully your OS will agree. I also have displaced disc and severely eroded condyle on my left side. My OS said no surgery recommended, but if I were a surgical candidate the only option would be total joint replacement. ... (7 replies)
... Hmmm... If you insert your pinky finders in the ears and open and close your mouth all the way, do you hear noise, like the condyle is pressing or rubbing against the ear? ... (15 replies)
... (6 replies)
... Do you have a history of tmj in the family? ... (2 replies)
Possible TMJ
Jul 14, 2010
... on her to bring her mandible in a more forward and down position, thus eliminating the forward head posture that she was developing. Also, it did help with most of the neck issues. Our doctor is also a Functional Jaw Orthodontist, as well as a neuromuscular dentist. ... (1 replies)
Mar 24, 2009
... Thanks...I'm glad to hear all these things can come from TMJ problems. ... (5 replies)
Mar 24, 2009
... those are all symptoms of tmj. ... (5 replies)
... Have any other tests been done to check for other forms of joint or bones diseases? ... (5 replies)
... weeks. they are saying after that, they will apply some type of rubber bands to keep everything in line for a while and then they have no clue what the next step will be. It's a wait and see what happens thing right now. ... (7 replies)

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