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Tmj please help
Jun 6, 2018
... that is treatable easily but in you should check whether your condyle has resorption or not, i suggest you take enough vitamin D everyday. ... (5 replies)
... I've never had any problems with my jaw or TMJ's before my accident, so this is obviously a result of that. ... (2 replies)
... In 1994 I was in a MVA where I broke my face in 3 places. Titanium plates, wires and screws were secured around the orbit of my left eye, but the head aches continued. By December I had a partial repair of my TMJ, complete with an implant. After I completed PT, I have had very few problems. I can tell when it is going to rain or snow, and sometimes experience intense pain,... (0 replies)

... rays to check the condyle positions.. to see if it's truly TMD related. It sounds like it is, unfortunately. ... (2 replies)
... e teeth ground down to correct the bite. It sounds like you need to find a dentist who fully understands the TMJ, who would be checking your jaw function and the condyle position, not just altering the way your teeth mesh together. ... (7 replies)
... I've been researching more tonight and found a good list of Finnish specialists focusing on bite physiology. I've now got the referral in hand so can choose which one to see. I'm going to try to see someone with good qualifications and experience. It's a bit tougher here though, it's not 'normal' to call up and ask to speak to the specialist. In Australia I'd do it in a second... (7 replies)
... rays to check your condyle positions, before and after making the appliance to check the accuracy of the new position. They should do this even for a nightguard. ... (7 replies)
... jmitchell has got the idea for sure. the discs fit in between an area in your skill and the bone that fits into it right in front of your ears called a condyle. when the disc slips and gets caught that's when it pops or, worse, gets stuck. the therapy i'm getting prevents me from my teeth touching. this allows the disc a greater area to get back into the position it... (10 replies)
... Ladies and gentlemen, I do appreciate all the comments. Thelma-Louise thanks for checking with your dentist. With my NTI, yes in the beginning, while I did not wear it 24/7 I did wear it sometimes during the day when the muscles felt tight. I couldn't help felt good. Why would I turn down relief? I would normally carry it with me and put it in when I felt pain... (13 replies)
... from touching. It is useful or serves a purpose for certain types of cases or problems but like other treatment options it does come with some resulting "cons" that may need to be addressed or followed up on once a patient is symptom free. ... (13 replies)
... has described my left joint while comparing old and new MRIs and CTs as "disappearing on us" and has said I'm a "prosthetic joint patient." My condyle on the left is flat, the arthritic changes are just continuing to get worse, and he has said that once bone is gone, you can't get it back, which is his concern. ... (20 replies)
... How wonderful for you, please keep us posted on your new splint and how it works for you, which hopefully will solve your problems.:) (7 replies)
What should I do?
May 20, 2008
... y guess is he will send you to an OS to get a tomogram to see if you are displaced. Not sure why but most dentists seem to think tmj is only caused by a joint or condyle problems which need to be addressed by surgeons when in most cases the tmj is caused by bite issues. ... (9 replies)
... Yes - I have the severe body pain as well. From what tmj drs tell me it means there as been some cranial and cervical derangement resulting from the tmj. If the jaw is not positioned correctly and muscles can not therefore work as they should the neck and head will be affected. Once the cervical spine gets involved now you are talking a host of other ailments since it involves... (9 replies)
... nd he took tmj xrays and panorex xray. He found that on my left side, I had a build up, or calcification on my condyle. When I looked at the xray, the left side condyle shape looked different from the right, and you could see the calcification on the bone. Can anybody expain to me what this means? ... (0 replies)
... He explained and illustrated in detail the problems in my MRI that are causing me pain. Indeed all was not within normal limits. My left condyle is all pointy and "beaked" and is jamming too far up in the fossa. It slightly pulls up the entire left side of my face. ... (9 replies)
... CymySue and Elaine, Please post and post again. Surgeries helped my wife. They did not "cure" all of the condition and there are prices to be paid for surgery. That said people deserve to have a clear idea what can be accomplished with and without surgery. It is also crucial that people understand that surgery can only help specific conditions. I cannot stress enough... (27 replies)
... are a lot of symptoms that may or may not be TMJD and it helps assess that. I told him I'd already been assessed and that I have tomograms which show I'm having condyle problems. ... (12 replies)
... s now down to around 14mm. The Christensen fossa implant has three screws holding it in place, two of which have come loose. Meanwhile the metal has wore down my condyle to almost a stub. A year ago my original oral surgeon wanted to do a muscle flap, where they cut the temporalis muscle and put a piece of that in the joint. ... (11 replies)
... Has anyone who had proplast, formerly used in Vitek implants, experienced any vision problems possibly related to the proplast? ... (1 replies)

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