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... mg, and the headaches that I was having daily have tapered off to occasional. ... (22 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Dec 15, 2014
... Not sure really how long this has been going on for but I've only just started to notice these clicking/pop noises coming from left side of my jaw whenever I move my mouth/chew. I have no idea if I'm clenching in my sleep or whatnot. I have this constant dull ache (not painful just uncomfortable) feeling in my ear /left side of jaw. Slight Swishing noise in the left ear as... (0 replies)
TMJ? Really?
Mar 11, 2013
... rd on my top teeth and has refereed me somewhere else to have xrays and look at getting my teeth straightened up etc. He said if i can stop grinding my teeth the headaches will stop within a couple of days! ... (4 replies)

Is this TMJ?
Aug 20, 2007
... Years ago i moved and started at a new school...very stressful time for me. for the longest time i grinded my teeth in my sleep ALOT. woke up with constant headaches and pain in front of my ears and in my jaw area... it is a dull ache and does not go away. ... (0 replies)
... Some things I will type might in no way be related to my headaches but I will list them anyway, suppose u never know. ... (27 replies)
Jan 9, 2004
... There are many kinds of headaches that can be related to TM joint problems. ... (8 replies)
... Daily headaches are common. Sometimes really bad, sometimes just a constant dull pain. ... (3 replies)
... a Brain Buster or is it more of a constant dull pain on one side or the other? ... (10 replies)
Do I have tmj?
Dec 19, 2002
... ite down or open my mouth it isnt straight and my husband watched me last night and said my mouth opens to the side, not up and down. I also didnt realize sinus headaches were part of this. I have some sort , usually sinus, of headache almost everyday. ... (5 replies)
... is what helps with that. It does relieve the pain of the headaches well. ... (0 replies)
... is what helps with that. It does relieve the pain of the headaches well. ... (2 replies)
Tmj nightmare
Dec 6, 2013
... I am trusting that people will not judge me, so I will be honest about my situation. I started getting headaches and neck pain, as well as a dull ache behind my eyes a little over six years ago, but I ignored it best I could since I didn't understand what was going on. ... (17 replies)
... If you can't open your mouth very wide, something must be wrong. Most likely displaced discs. Have you had an MRI of your TMJs to see where your discs are? I haven't had a T Scan used on me, but have read about it. My understanding of it, is that it's like an electronic bite plate which you bite onto, to check your bite and the timing of how your teeth meet. But that doesn't... (8 replies)
... I have been having TMD symptoms for around 8 months, starting with constant headaches, fatigue, dull pain on the side of my face and neck, occasional blurry vision, off balance feeling, and of course the muscle tension. ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone, I know it's lengthy, but I really hope you all read... Almost a month ago from now, I noticed myself clenching at night. I would consciously place my tongue in between my mouth, and would wake up from biting down on it. And the since then, it all went a little like this... - 3 localized dull pain/headache near base of skull along with neck soreness just... (9 replies)
... symptoms for me, including tinnitus and hyperacusis. Even now, my tinnitus and head pain flare up after dental visit. I saw my dentist yesterday and the usual dull hiss of tinnitus was more like a roar for the rest of the day. ... (2 replies)
... had jaw pain from my TMJ a few times. It hurt very badly to chew food so I wasn't really able to eat anything that required chewing. The main issues with me are headaches and ear problems. ... (20 replies)
... and pounding headaches after waking up every day. Not to mention the strange rice krispy noises I get in my jaw from time to time, or the sharp ear pains that strike out of nowhere. ... (5 replies)
Jul 20, 2007
... at the bones in my cervical area were a bit off, and was actually pinching the nerves in the area. Since then, he has worked on it, and has been able to get the headaches that I had to go away. ... (11 replies)
Jul 12, 2004
... things are so tough for you right now. And I totally understand the negative side taking over the positive side. Life is so freaking hard and when a person is in constant pain it makes dealing with all that stress even harder. I've been struggling with TMJ for about 25 years now. ... (4 replies)

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