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... So I've been hearing a variety of noises that appear to be coming from my jaw joint...from cracking sounds to light tapping ...once, even crunching. How can you tell if the sounds are coming from something going in within your ear or from the joint? ... (1 replies)
... physio for my tmj as I have had a neck problem that has caused it.I'm back here cause I am in strife again and all because of a common cold. I have had a lot of cracking in my ears and popping with my tmj they were part of the symtoms with muscular pain. ... (11 replies)
... Yes it is good to talk to Someone back and forth. You're welcome and thank you as well for the conversation. I really looks forward to hearing from you! I have another health boards friend I chat with, it really helps. ... (22 replies)

... (15 replies)
... So here I am, having went through the 6 month splint therapy, and it only helped with the small cracking when I yawn. That's it. ... (15 replies)
... facial surgeon. Having the jaw wired wasn't a pleasant experience, to say the least, and was a very stressful time in my life. ... (1 replies)
... Question, is muffled hearing a symptom? ... (6 replies)
... I wouldn't do anything until you get an MRI of your joint. An MRI will definitely tell you whether the disc is displaced. If it is discplaced, there are various conservative treatment options - physio; drugs such as anti inflammatories and muslce relexants, massage thereapy etc - usually with conservative treatment the disc can get back into proper position and normal... (9 replies)
... My advice to you is go see a dentist that is boarded by the American Academy of Orofacial Pain or the American Board of Orofacial Pain. The organization you mentioned above is the one who boards the NM dentists. I know you said he is not NM, but it sounds like he works under the philosophy that occlusion is the cause of TMJ disorders. Before you start any splint therapy, I... (9 replies)
... I have limited opening of my jaw to a certain point. When I get to that point I have to crack my left jaw joint a certain way to get my jaw to open farther. It is becoming harder and harder every week to get my jaw to open fully. ... (9 replies)
... I did notice a strange sensation in what I'd say was my jaw while eating breakfast the morning that this occurred. Almost like a pain when I chewed. I didn't think anything of it though and honestly still don't know. ... (8 replies)
TMJ - So much Pain
Mar 13, 2012
... Hello everyone: Everything started around 1 1/2 years ago. I remember it was a couple of days where i talked a lot, and i ended up with a big headache. The headache never went away. 24/7 pain, and i dont know how, but i spend more than a year running my own silly theories of what could it be. Around 3 months ago it got really worst, i mean the 24/7 headache became... (1 replies)
... g. I do get regular acupuncture and physio. I get a lot of work done to my neck on my C1,2,3 joints as thats where my muscles keep spasming and tightening up. My jaw just gets so aggravated when worked on so I just get physio done on it when I'm up for it. ... (5 replies)
... I really want to thank you for taking the time to reply to me both here and in my first thread. I have been to a neurologist. Given that you have too, I'm sure you know what I am worried about. I had a clean EMG (ouch) and 1 clean MRI. I just had a repeat MRI (no results yet). The neurologist said he doesn't see anything that concerns him. I am very happy to hear that... (2 replies)
... I won't list all my symptoms as I have or had all the ones listed on the sticky post - and then some, as my tmd affected my cranial and cervical alignment, but limited to what you mention I have/had the following: Teeth are hitting when I talk - primarily the upper canine on the left side -headaches primarily in the morning with nausea -jaw cracking on right side -... (2 replies)
... ...describe your symptoms? I know there is a list of symptoms above but I think it would be great to hear see some personal lists. I know I'm particularly interested in hearing about people that feel their jaw stiffness and/or teeth hitting is affecting their speech....and whatsounds seem most affected. Here's my list: - Teeth are hitting when I talk (on Rt side)... (2 replies)
... inches long, and they brought my lower jaw forward. ... (10 replies)
... that I grind my teeth in my sleep, until he mentioned that some people grind. I just went so blank. I forgot to even tell him half of my symptoms. I mentioned cracking and crunching of my joint and headaches and that was it, which I am so annoyed at myself for. ... (10 replies)
... have whiplash for almost 4 months and went to dentist about a month ago with jaw pain and told tmj from neck trama. ... (1 replies)
... cribed as low drone or low buzz accompanied by higher pitched sounds. Intensity of louder bursts and times of worsened base levels seems to be linked to stress, jaw activity, cold air drafts and the way in which I put pressure on my head, neck and facial region whilst sleeping. ... (1 replies)

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