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... Lori, I'm sorry to say I'm happy that someone else as the itch feeling, and you're right the itch can turn into real pain. How old are you? ... (7 replies)
... Was the disc pushing through your ear canal? ... (7 replies)
... For those with ear problems, can you tell me what it feels like? ... (20 replies)

... I thought it was a tooth infection and then one dr thought it was a salivary gland infection. The left lower side of my jaw ached often as well. ... (4 replies)
Splint advice
Aug 21, 2003
... Hi!! I was hoping to find some guidance here about my splint. I have been wearing a splint meant to allow my muscles to rest and that brings my jaw forward a little for about 4 months. ... (5 replies)
Tmj ears clogged
Jun 27, 2017
... I have clogged and sensitive ears too. They pop and crackle and drive me insane. I went to doctor after doctor and was finally diagnosed with multiple food allergies. After two mos of following a strict diet my ears were only slightly better. ... (6 replies)
... I was having a lot of facial pressure, ear stuffiness etc for awhile a few weeks back. I also had headaches ranging from dull to very severe, which drove me to going to a TMJ specialist. ... (1 replies)
... My jaw doesn't click when I put my finger in my be honest I've never tried it haha. ... (14 replies)
... It's a good thing your dentist wants you to come in. Mine gave up on me and I'm suppose to see an oral surgeon on Friday. I stopped wearing my guard too. Do you wear a guard? ... (11 replies)
... I have an undiagnosed health condition, causes me lots of symptoms and pain. However, for the last 6 months I have been grinding my teeth at night when asleep. How do I know? ... (3 replies)
... Recently I was diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. Also recently I was told by a GP that I have some fluid build up in my inner ear, possibly caused by a eustachian tube not draining. Here's the story... ... (8 replies)
... Lately I've been having some health issues, and I'm not sure what which way to turn. ... (6 replies)
Mar 28, 2008
... Ah, how kind of you to remember and to write. It is most appreciated. ... (6 replies)
Aug 29, 2007
... I thought i would make a general post and see what a few of you think, since there is really a wealth of experience here on this forum. ... (2 replies)
... My first time on here. I can relate to paintitbetter... rice crispy noises in the ears, ear fullness, etc. I don't have any pain. I had a wisdom tooth extracted and three crowns down on one side of the mouth... two plus years ago... ... (10 replies)
... That's cool that you got your NTI from Dr. Boyd himself. If anyone can make it work, it's him. My symptoms aren't quite the same as yours, but NTI has helped a lot with the pain. My joint sounds have also diminished. ... (2 replies)
... e heard crepitus on my left side through his stethescope. I have never had a peep out of that joint that I noticed. You would think that I would have had popping and clicking when I was eating and other things going on before crepitus set in, wouldn't you Elaine? ... (6 replies)
... I really appreciate everyone's input. Guess I thought this nm splint would magically eliminate the noise emanating from my joints. ... (14 replies)
Jul 11, 2003
... line very much lately. I've been trying to focus away from the tmj problems and be a little more active with my family. It's hard, but, I'm going to get better. I think of it as mind over matter sometimes. ... (13 replies)
... i'm new to this forum, infact i'm not really sure if i even have a TMJ problem. I thought it was something with my ears, but i've had every test in the world done on them and everthing has come back negative. ... (3 replies)

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