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... what causes a rice krispies like crackling in the head? ... (3 replies)
... Well there's a diff between ear crackling due to trapped or accumulated fluid versus joint cracking and cranial facial noises or crackling elsewhere within the body which is called crepitus. ... (3 replies)
... I would think it has something more to do with the ears if that is what you are talking about. ... (3 replies)

... Most drs say it is the cartilidge moving within the tmj joints or the shfting of the skull sutures (cranial and facial bones). (3 replies)
... they came back normal though. So I'm just confused. But even when I swallow I tend to get crackling sounds most of the time. ... (4 replies)
... o the right, often I get crackling in the neck, but sometimes if you click your third finger and thumb together really loudly, that's what it sounds like, and at the same time a "puff of air" sensation happens in my right eye! I should get it checked by a neurologist if I were you. ... (13 replies)
... My kid also experienced what you've described..........the tilting of the head to one side. After seeing MANY specialists, it was determined that it was due to a slight case of tortocollis. ... (12 replies)
... As for me, it seems like my head is leaning to my right, and not staying straight. I didn't have this before. Never. i developed this becaue of "tmj." And i saw few cases where it did occur. ... (12 replies)
... My son's neck cracks quite loud, most of the time. ... (12 replies)
... OMG, finally someone with the same problem as me. ... (12 replies)
... ache. I also have ringinging in the ears and my eustachian tubes keep blocking up. I started PT and shes been working on my neck muscles and then I developed crackling in my neck at the base of the skull whenever I'd turn my head and I've never had that before. I asked her what she thinks it is and she didn't know. ... (12 replies)
... I have had TMJ symptoms since February. Before that, I only was a grinder but had no TMJ symptoms. Now I have the clicking, crackling, popping sounds, tightness and limited opening, along with soreness too. ... (7 replies)
... I get more of a crackling and sometimes gurgling sounds. ... (8 replies)
... Yeah, I used to get like this weird maybe numbness type of feeling in my face muscles. Every once in awhile when I look up or something I feel something but it's not a common occurrence anymore. ... (6 replies)
... Pretty much every single time I swallow I hear crackling/popping sounds. It never ever goes away. Is it something with my joints causing it or maybe my eustachian tube? It's just so annoying. I also constantly get this burning in my head & ears that never goes away. I'm pretty sure it's a nerve issue of sorts with my face muscles but I have no idea how to fix it at this rate.... (1 replies)
... I am so terrified of the thought of having to go the splint route. I have to figure out how to get beyond the fear of getting worse. The fear could be preventing me from getting better! I need a crystal ball. ... (22 replies)
... My neck just feels slightly achy but only sometimes. It also has low range of motion and I hear crackling when I turn it. It feels like my head isn't on right lol. I use pain creams for it and my trap muscles and I can manage. ... (22 replies)
... Yes, Once I recieved my Splint and have had a few adjustments, I noticed the past few weeks I will get a "stiff" neck, down to my shoulders. Has your dentist given you a muscle relaxer? ... (1 replies)
... The fullness in the ear and crackling are one symptom of tmd. Regarding your face. My tmj symptoms began with my left cheek swelling and it would get these weird spasms in it. ... (32 replies)
... After years of making doctors appt. for headaches and sinus issues I have finally learned that I have TMJ. I had no idea that the popping and crackling in my head and jaw meant somthing was wrong with me. Anyways, I have every symptom listed in every site I've read about TMJ. ... (14 replies)

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