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... o the right, often I get crackling in the neck, but sometimes if you click your third finger and thumb together really loudly, that's what it sounds like, and at the same time a "puff of air" sensation happens in my right eye! I should get it checked by a neurologist if I were you. ... (13 replies)
... ache. I also have ringinging in the ears and my eustachian tubes keep blocking up. I started PT and shes been working on my neck muscles and then I developed crackling in my neck at the base of the skull whenever I'd turn my head and I've never had that before. I asked her what she thinks it is and she didn't know. ... (12 replies)
... That is my issues. Left ear congestion and Jaw tightness right by it. The past few days haven't been bad though, in fact I barely notice it until I brush my teeth at night with my electric tooth brush and I have all my wisdom teeth so I have to get way back there. ... (17 replies)

... I would not go the oral surgeon route...find a good NM dentist who is a FJO. Yes, tmj treatments are expensive, but that is just a fact of our health care system unfortunately.. ... (7 replies)
... I know your post was a long time ago but, I was wondering if you have found any kind of answer to your crackling sound in your neck. I have had this for the epast 2 or 3 months now and have no idea what is causing it. It is the worst when I walk but any movement of any part of my body pretty much does it. ... (13 replies)
... would result in a tremor down my spine and sometimes I had an instant sense of "relief" in the neck and shoulder areas but then the pressure would just build up again a few minutes later. Now it cracks occassionally and its definitely not as tight or strained. ... (13 replies)
... I have the same cracking in the neck and back. When I'm changing lanes and look back it cracks. When I roll over in bed at night my neck or back cracks. It definitely feels related to the neck and back tension that I have in general which is somehow related to the jaw. ... (13 replies)
... ray or mri and he was very quick to say that I didn't need that. He says its inflamed nerves in my neck. I don't think he even knows how to get rid of it because the really expensive cortisone shots he gave me didn't help at all. I'm so frustrated! The crackling in my neck happens EVERY time I turn my head left or right. ... (13 replies)
... My neck cracks too from all of this, after seeing two neuro surgeons they say they don't think the problem is my neck but the tight neck muscles from the bite, so if your neck muscles are tight this can cause cracking in the neck I guess. Get a neck xray at least or a mri to rule out a neck problem. ... (13 replies)
... My kid also experienced what you've described..........the tilting of the head to one side. After seeing MANY specialists, it was determined that it was due to a slight case of tortocollis. ... (12 replies)
... ng to my right, and not staying straight. I didn't have this before. Never. i developed this becaue of "tmj." And i saw few cases where it did occur. That is the spine wasn't straight which caused the tilting ofthe head. I'm guessing the tilting of the head cuases the neck sound. ... (12 replies)
... My son's neck cracks quite loud, most of the time. ... (12 replies)
... OMG, finally someone with the same problem as me. ... (12 replies)
... I hear a "crackling" sound in my neck, at the base of my skull. No pain, just noise. ... (12 replies)
... July they were much better. They would open randomly but it never lasted long. They still clog, pop, crackling and bother me but it's nothing like it was a few months ago. My ear issues are being caused partially by TMD and partially by allergies. ... (1 replies)
... I am so terrified of the thought of having to go the splint route. I have to figure out how to get beyond the fear of getting worse. The fear could be preventing me from getting better! I need a crystal ball. ... (22 replies)
... My neck just feels slightly achy but only sometimes. It also has low range of motion and I hear crackling when I turn it. It feels like my head isn't on right lol. I use pain creams for it and my trap muscles and I can manage. ... (22 replies)
... Are they mainly used to help release tension in the neck and shoulders? ... (20 replies)
... I am going through the same thing right now! I am so tired of my right ear popping and crackling! ... (11 replies)
... I am a 24 year old woman, and was perfectly healthy until last March! I am able to function for the most part, but have discomfort daily. It has become extremely frustrating and I cannot believe I am still struggling to figure out what is wrong. ... (11 replies)

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