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... Every time I swallow I hear snap crackle pop...but it's not the kind of crackling your ears do when you chew or open and close your's almost like a fluid sound. ... (3 replies)
... I have the same cracking in the neck and back. When I'm changing lanes and look back it cracks. When I roll over in bed at night my neck or back cracks. It definitely feels related to the neck and back tension that I have in general which is somehow related to the jaw. When I have tremendous back / neck tension sometimes I will eat something and the chewing will relieve... (13 replies)
... ALL of my joints pop all of the time, especially my neck and back. They do not always hurt, sometimes it is a relief. When my jaw pops it only hurts sometimes. I have gotten tested for arthritis, but I do not have it. I am 23 and my body sounds like an old grandmaw! ... (13 replies)

... I would get a neck xray or MRI as well - at least to confirm no real major problem. I tend to think the neck cracks b/c of undue force or pressure it is enduring either due to muscle dysfunction or an improperly positioned lower jaw. Supposedly there is an optimal alignment of the atlas and axis (c1 and c2) with the chin, jaws and sphenoid bone - and when these are not aligned... (13 replies)
... ear molars now made my bite lower and lopsided on the opposite side. As a result, I have an even louder cracking knuckle like sound in my right TMJ joint, light jaw pain, and even worse neck pain. IT's getting louder. ... (2 replies)
... (15 replies)
... Well, my left side of jaw doesnt relax, muscle tension all the time, even in the sleep, it means its inflamed.... i dont know how to relax the jaw muscles inside or stop the inflammation. My ear itches like crazy sometimes, also sometimes muscle spasm on left side of my head. ... (15 replies)
... n my left jaw. Sometimes it switched to my right side but it was always the same pop or click. Occasionally however in times of stress when I'd been clenching my jaw or tensing it, the click would be really loud and the following times it would make this crackling squishy sort of like if you had a wobbly tooth. ... (2 replies)
... Yeah, some of my teeth do have some wear on them. I'll see what the dentist says when I go back next week. I'm hoping she can make me a new type of guard/splint instead of the same type that I've been made that only go on the upper teeth. Also, what could these be symptoms of out of curiosity? When I move/tilt my head down I get these weird sounds in my right ear. It... (49 replies)
... even when I touch my tragus or ear sometimes I hear crackling or crunching noises. ... (49 replies)
... even when I touch my tragus or ear sometimes I hear crackling or crunching noises. ... (0 replies)
... crackling, hyperacusis, jaw soreness, jaw deviation, neck soreness, and occasional jaw pain when yawning. As most of you already know, they often get unbearable. ... (3 replies)
... I clench my jaw all night and for much of the day. It seems like I carry all my anxiety in my jaw and unless I'm mindful of relaxing my jaw, its default mode seems to be 'tension'. ... (2 replies)
... Who prescribed the jaw exercises and why? ... (1 replies)
... move involuntarily, followed by crackling muscles. ... (1 replies)
... nt...great bedside manner. I know someone else who recently had a successful bilateral TJR with Dr. W. My only big concern these days is that my left tmj keeps crackling and frequently gets stuck, and I am able to unstuck it by wiggling my jaw around. ... (20 replies)
... MJ. Multiple ENTs saw nothing wrong with nose or ear. I got a mouth piece from a dentist 2 years ago. it helped for a year but doesnt any longer. my left side of jaw clicks also, feel crackling sensation if i massage left TMJ area. Thinking of trying a chiropractor.. ... (9 replies)
... feel tight and I would flick my tongue in my mouth and the joint would was probably the disk sliding around in there...but no way to know for sure. The crackling was something that would happen less often. It seemed to happen more at night or upon waking, probably because I may have been clenching. ... (20 replies)
... Hi Clencher! That is so wonderful to hear! Can you explain a little more about what your rolfer does? Are they mainly used to help release tension in the neck and shoulders? I could probably really use neck and top of shoulders feel like rocks! :( I live in Indiana. How do you suggest I find an experienced rolfer? I have never heard of that type of specialty... (20 replies)
... I have had 3 sessions and my neck and shoulders have never felt better. I feel taller and more balanced. Yesterday he worked for a while on my jaw getting it in alignment. I used to have an asymmetry in my face and now it is barely noticeable. ... (20 replies)

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