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... In reading up on the device, it is indicated for use to adjust the balance of cranial bones and to expand arches. ... (5 replies)
... overlap in TMD, and sleep disorders. If I were you....I would NOT take the advil. That is an extremely harsh dose...even for people with rheumatoid arthritis, like my mom. She was on 800 advils...2x a day...and her liver enzymes got screwed up by it....So, my recommendations for you... ... (4 replies)
TMJ face change
Jan 15, 2010
... ray by another tmj specialist right off the bat...Then you will have more answers, and then you can compare, etc. As far as vitamins, yes, there are some good ones to start taking. ... (97 replies)

... I believe that J has been seeing a tmj specialist for a few months now, and has had splints for a couple of months already. ... (4 replies)
... If anyone has any recommendations, good or bad, please reply! I'm actually looking for a second opinion. My TMJ specialist has basically given up on me. He gave me a splint and said that's about all he can do for me. ... (18 replies)
... surgery, perhaps searching for answers like I once did. ... (2 replies)
... Hello everyone. I've been lurking these boards for the past couple months, but now I feel that it's my turn to post my own thread. ... (8 replies)
... my thoughts on the splint from my Dr. who is an oral cranial facial Dr. ... (11 replies)
... You mention shifting the cranial bones back into place. Other than the mandible, do you know if TMJ can actually cause other cranial bones to shift, like the cheekbones? ... (8 replies)
... As far as the SCM muscle. I can almost guarantee that yours is being affected by all this. Especially from your long standing muscular issues. I've had tmd for 20rys...and I'm 38 as well.. ... (4 replies)
... and the trigger point workbook for low back pain, by Sharon Sauer, and mary biancalana. These ladies have a myofascial pain clinic in chicago near me.....and I had several sessions with them... ... (14 replies)
... p last May. It started with my nose and spread down to just below my lower lip and over the bottom half of my ears. I've seen my PCP a couple times, my ENT, my TMJ doc a couple times and my PT. They have tried a few things, but nothing has worked. ... (13 replies)
... My ENT says tinnitus is common for people with hearing loss and just blames that. ... (9 replies)
... I've been to two TMJ Specialists. I was much happier with the second and am seeking my treatment through him. ... (7 replies)
My TMJ disorder
Oct 11, 2009
... Just ask them about it. If you don't have tmj coverage on your policy, some specialists will work with you and bill under that code. ... (8 replies)
... i had two sessions of cranio sacral therapy and found it to be short relief for a lot of money. i felt fine for two hours and then back to crap. i don't see this as a solution but rather just a quick fix that in the long run isnt a good idea. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you so much for your time and comments. ... (5 replies)
... Boy if you have no jaw pain, no clicking of the jaw joints, problems opening your mouth or eating I wouldn't see a tmj specialist, he might cause you all the above problems in my opinion. ... (5 replies)
... sometimes problems with the neck can cause tmj like symptoms and vice versa. Many of your symptoms do sound like they may be related to tmj but a better way of confirming that is to see an actual tmj dentist or specialist. Even if the problem is not a disc it could be a bite problem. ... (4 replies)
... I was going to suggest the same thing - tmj tends to have a dental connotation to it - but some treatments (Like accupunture, physical therapy, cranial sacral therapy, chiropractoic treatments, ultra sound, Tens Unit, etc) used to help with the pain and some symptoms of tmj are also used to treat myofacial pain syndrome, orofacial pain syndrome and cranial-cervical disorders... (8 replies)

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