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... This is a bit of a long story but I've been dealing with jaw pain for over 4 weeks now and am desperate. I had my tooth prepared a month ago for a crown and when the hygienist put in my temporary I kept telling her that it was too high. She changed it 5 times but honestly it always felt the same. ... (1 replies)
... Ugh! Stories like these give me nightmares. First of all, your permanent crowns should have not been put in while you were feeling uncomfortable. All changes should have been done on your temps and checked and corrected by the dentist until you were comfortable. Once you started with your bite feeling off, it sounds like your muscle started reacting. You can not get a... (1 replies)
... although not all choose to or need to pursue this phase for some it does end the cycle of pain and more treatment. ... (4 replies)

... and my bite was SEVERELY and permanently off. All maintained once the pain was gone, I had to get braces. We do not know what caused this but the theory is that it was the trauma from all my grinding, inflammation etc. ... (5 replies)
... I'd like to share my experience with someone. I'm in my 30's and I've had problems with my jaw since I was about 15. ... (1 replies)
... made pain worse. ... (7 replies)
... like your teeth. I just had a crown put on last Thursday and had a couple of good days but today has been pretty bad. ... (1 replies)
... Dear people, I try to keep it short (could write a book though). Since September 2016 I have pain. It started with 1 tooth. They thought the tooth was cracked and placed a crown. Problems got worse and spread to other teeth. Tooth got extracted. Upper tooth started being painful, got extracted as well :'( No extraction made a difference. Pains and problems got worse. Now bone... (1 replies)
... I hope the crown procedure goes well for you. I wonder if you will be able to continue wearing your current splint once the crown is put on? ... (12 replies)
... while complaining that I am not opening my mouth big enough. I open wider, as wide as I can and hold it that way for her to work. A couple hours later, a ton of pain and popping ensues. This was a new dentist as I had moved 3 hours from my old dentist. ... (1 replies)
... uth guards and all those other apparatuses because I didn't get this until they made some teeth too short, and sure enough when I had One tooth built up a lot of pain went away along with the tooth sensitivity. ... (14 replies)
... It's getting better now but the other upper molar which had a root canal theraphy 10 years ago and crown put on it about 1.5 years ago started to hurt recently. This tooth have a contact with my lower molar which has a new crown put on it month ago... ... (0 replies)
... when the crown was removed. Only a day after it was removed, I started having all the symptoms associated to TMD. ... (0 replies)
... I was diagnosed with TMJ about 12 years ago after a breakdown. It causes on going issues and pain which I try and stay on top of as best I can. I no longer clench my teeth constantly, but do get a lot of pain in my teeth. ... (4 replies)
... crown last December, my symptoms started with terrible jaw pain and stabbing ear pain. If I had money for a good lawyer, I would've sued him for everything he has. ... (7 replies)
... I resently had crown work done and must have had a flare up in the middle of the work. Afterward, crown work too low and jaw locked in a deviated way. ... (3 replies)
... I have been having a few ongoing issues with my teeth, just had a crown put on my right back top molar. I didn't get a root canal, as my dentist said he didn't see a need for one as of yet, but we'd have to wait and see. ... (1 replies)
... th on the tooth, because she felt that it was too high with not enough "groves" in it and the adjustment will relieve the pain. Two weeks later, I still had the pain in that tooth every so often. During those two weeks I had some left jaw pain but not bad. I didn't even associate it with the adjustment. ... (7 replies)
... eply. My dentist just has general training, I believe, although he has been practising for 40 years. He's a great dentist, but thinks that unless I have outright jaw pain, I don't really have TMJD. He also fitted me with the NTI device. He told me that my bite was totally off, malocclusion etc. ... (5 replies)
... Chances are, and this is very likely, that your bite has shifted and your jaw is trying to compensate. ... (6 replies)

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