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... allow fluid to drain. I hope that you find relief, it was miserable for me until the allergy shots worked about 2 years later.God bless you. ... (8 replies)
... I have the fullness and ringing in my ears. Actually the fullness started about 8 months ago after my vacation where I flew to Ohio. I came home with a sinus infection. This cleared up but the fullness returned and has not let up. ... (48 replies)
... next week to say how the losec is going which really hasn't helped at all so will ask for an MRI scan. Never had one does it take long if only having the middle ear done? ... (2 replies)

... had retainers put over my teeth for 7 months to get the jaw back into position. The cracking joint has healed but I am left with a feeling of water running in my ear like a bubbling feeling everytime I put my head down. I have had a sinus scan nothing there. Tried nose spray still doesn't help. ... (2 replies)
Tmj and ear pain
May 15, 2005
... The symptoms you are experiencing with your ear may be solely related to TMJ problems. My 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with TMJ. ... (15 replies)
... See your ENT first to rule out ear/sinus problems, and then if his treatment recommendations don't work, see your dentist for referral to a TMD specialist. Unfortunately, your symptoms could be many things, TMD only being one of a possible many. As a mom here - stay off the Ectasy!!!!!! :nono: Good luck to you, Katie G (1 replies)
... okay .. about 2 months ago i had a cold and flew in a plane. the fluid just seemed to get sucked up in my ears. For two weeks i battled the infection with steriods and antibiotics. ... (3 replies)
... allergists. One of the ENT's is an ETD specialist near Louisville. He does the balloon dilation procedure. My sinus CT was perfect. I also had three scopes up my nose and down my throat. They didn't find anything. ... (8 replies)
... My next biggest symptom besides my scalp is definitely my ears. They have been popping and crackling since October. I had a tympanogram done that did show fluid in my ears, but I'm just not sure how that would be connected to my scalp sensation? ... (9 replies)
... I noticed that you mentioned that your ear wouldn't equalize for a long time with your tmjd. Did your audiologist mention Eustachian tube problems as a result if tmjd? ... (12 replies)
Please Help!!!!!
May 14, 2013
... I'm not an expert but these problems could be related to your impacted wisdom teeth. IF there is any way to find the money to get the surgery done = I would do it to see if things help. Can you try to work out some payment plan with the surgeon? Or do one wisdom tooth at a time - like the tooth that is the worse? (2 replies)
Please Help!!!!!
May 13, 2013
... r I have started having problems. I don't have the money to get to an oral surgeon right now still saving. My question is I have one wisdom tooth growing into my sinus cavity and also one wisdom tooth is wrapped around the main nerve in my mouth. ... (2 replies)
... Well the new year has given me a new unexplained medical problem. It started about a month ago when I woke up and noticed this crunchy sensation in my right ear whenever I ate food or bit my teeth. I was convinced that it was something in my ear causing this like a wax buildup or fluid. ... (3 replies)
TMJ & hearing loss
Aug 28, 2012
... up feeling and ringing. It's much like what is experienced when you hold your nose and mouth shut and force pressure in your ears. I thought it was a fluid problem and took Sudafed for 3 days with no relief. ... (4 replies)
... Recently I was diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. Also recently I was told by a GP that I have some fluid build up in my inner ear, possibly caused by a eustachian tube not draining. Here's the story... ... (8 replies)
... I hope the sinus problems are not part of the TMJ cause I don't see this TMJ thing changing at all, nothing is getting better what so ever, so if the sinus is part of it, GOD help me! ... (9 replies)
... an infection with a sinus infection on top of that. ... (11 replies)
... I have had a few episodes of unbelievable pain. It's as if my ear is going explode from the side of my head. I've experienced pain in my life, but this was unbelievable. The pain included my ear, jaw and went down my neck. ... (3 replies)
... been trying to figure out what's wrong with me for some time now... I thought I had an answer 3 weeks ago when I saw the ENT doctor. He assumed I had a very bad sinus infection that had matriculated into my ears and my lymphnodes causing bad headaches, ear pain, ear ringing, swollen and painful lymphnodes, neck pain etc... ... (5 replies)
... The alcohol probably helps to relax the muscles in your head that you are tightening up. Believe me, I know what you are talking about. I have all of your symptoms too and I can't help but think alot of them are due to stress. I mean, there are probably actual medical things going on too (maybe hormone imbalance, inner ear problems, sinus/allergy, etc.) but the tension and... (8 replies)

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