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... spine or the pillow you are using. There can be many reasons why one would experience headaches primarily in the morning. ... (2 replies)
... and pounding headaches after waking up every day. Not to mention the strange rice krispy noises I get in my jaw from time to time, or the sharp ear pains that strike out of nowhere. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks everyone for the feedback and congratulations - twin boys plus a 3yr old boy will be a challenge in of itself. I have been seeing a NUCCA since December 2008. He has done 3 adjustments of the atlas. After the initial adjustment I felt sore a bit and when I bent over I got really dizzy - but no noticeable improvement. After the 2nd adjustment (after I had come... (5 replies)

... by some heavy equipment. I didn't pass out but things got dark with stars in my vision for a few seconds. The following 3 days were normal but by day 4, I woke up to ringing and tightness in both my ears and a bad headache. ... (2 replies)
Wow The Day After
Dec 27, 2004
... Karen, I'm sorry to hear you are so miserable i hope the soma mixed with rest helps there is NOTHING worse than waking up in the middle of the night with those pounding headaches that keep you up Hope your son lets you get some sleep (new stuff will prob assist with that :) ) Really hoping you feel better Take care Buff (31 replies)
... if I miss a massage or my nightly medicine I can barely move the next day. And although daily severe headaches were all I knew until I got started in TMJ treatment, I still would recommend massage just to help loosen up the muscles and "train" them to be less contracted. ... (1 replies)
... I don't wake up with headaches anymore since seeing my chiropractor, but they would start crashing down on me about 2 hours after waking up in the morning. Yesterday I was having one start up as we started our session. It didn't go away, but it definitely didn't get any worse!! ... (2 replies)
Headaches & Tmj
Sep 15, 2002
... I did not have a clue I was but the waking up with bad headaches and severe neck and shoulder pain is a sure sign. Now that I'm more aware of it... ... (28 replies)
... I was having a lot of facial pressure, ear stuffiness etc for awhile a few weeks back. I also had headaches ranging from dull to very severe, which drove me to going to a TMJ specialist. ... (1 replies)
Possible tmj
Aug 27, 2015
... I have had shifting tinnitus in My left ear for three years. The tinnitus changes alot in tone and loudness. It first developed after a particular stressful period, went away for three or four weeks and then came back and has been present since. ... (1 replies)
... I know a lot of these symptoms are from TMJ, but the eye thing really bothers me. After looking online I found that sudden vision disturbances and nausea could be linked to brain tumors, possibly in the occipital lobe. ... (0 replies)
... I rarely get teeth pain. My bite is perfect too. Just I'm a teeth grinder. And my right jaw seems to curve & is causing me problems. My left side is completely fine. But my right I get grating/clicking/popping sounds, as well as my muscles feeling weird, and I get headaches, dizziness, and an awful brain fogginess feeling. Talked to my dentist today & they said that I need to... (4 replies)
... puncture so it's hard for me to say if one or all of these things are making it better. I think you should talk to your dentist it you are not feeling any relief after 12 days. But think for a second to really confirm that you have not felt better. ... (4 replies)
My TMJ symptoms
May 25, 2014
... YOu need to see a specialist - sorry to hear you are going through this -you need to get an MRI of your joint. I would also recommend seeing a neurologist to rule any neurological issues. Take care. (2 replies)
My TMJ symptoms
May 8, 2014
... My headaches started out occurring only when I would wake up from sleeping. But eventually turned into lasting all day, they were like tension headaches and extremely bothersome. At one point they lasted 24 hours a day for months, i had trouble sleeping and functioning during the day. ... (2 replies)
... upper splint. Also some cranial osteopaths and a cranial chiropractor I have spoken to have said that it's better to use a lower splint, as an upper splint locks up the cranial bones and restricts cranial bone movement, which can cause headaches. ... (21 replies)
... My youngest is now 4. I had a hysterectomy after my kids for endometriosis and now I'm still in constant pain. ... (2 replies)
... All I can say is my dentist gave up on me FAST. They spent 3 weeks trying to get a correct fit with my guard and the third time he said he thought it looked good. ... (10 replies)
... That a messed up bite could cause it, along with having my jaw open so long Monday upon extraction... ... (1 replies)
... Seek a TMJ specialist - it is usually a dentist who specializes in denture as well. If you grind at night, a splint may help so you can ask the doc. to make one for you. The insurance may not pay for it but if you need it, you have to use it. The tooth could be bothering too. Someone just told me the tooth in the back could be the cause for a person she knows. It is not my... (4 replies)

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