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... My pleasure and I definitely would be glad if I could be of some help to you or anyone who's going through the same thing. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to help me. You have no idea how defeated I feel. I'm absolutely Dying to know if you have any suggestions about the type of care I should pursue next. I have a Chiropractic apt tomorrow and an acupuncture apt next week. ... (13 replies)
... You didn't develop any TMJ symptoms then but those fillings might not have been perfect either. They could have moved your jaw slightly out of the proper alignment but still not enough to cause all this. ... (13 replies)

... muscle problems. I have a significant overbite which is contributing to my issues. I open normally at 45mm and can fit 3 fingers in mouth sideways. However my jaw zigzags upon opening. ... (12 replies)
... muscle problems. I have a significant overbite which is contributing to my issues. I open normally at 45mm and can fit 3 fingers in mouth sideways. However my jaw zigzags upon opening. ... (12 replies)
Jan 16, 2010
... leg pain,fatigue,insomnia etc is due to clenching at night.I am not sure this is the case and i feel its my jaw out of line. ... (10 replies)
... I affectionately call my face "The house that Jack Built" .....I wish I could send you my x-ray, front view, I bet I could compete w-you on that ..LOL.. Later----J..:wave: (10 replies)
... Hi I can't relate to the speaking out of one side of my mouth but I can most definitely relate to the asymmetry, unfortunately every dentist I see always tell me I'm the worst case of asymmetry they've seen, great! ... (10 replies)
... I have had tmj problems all of my life. I was born with both jaws slightly out of line but it wasnt an apparant problem until I was xrayed for braces when I was 13. The orthodontist immediately referred me to a maxillofacial surgeon. ... (8 replies)
Please help me out
Dec 25, 2007
... i only had this since i had a lock jaw, my throat gets tight the muscles are stiff since my meniscus has come out of line.... i have problems swallowing and i get like a lump in my throat sometimes... ... (2 replies)
... it has to do with the tm joints not being positioned correctly which therefore requires it to to deviate and not just go up and down. The position of the joints affect the amount of room or distance you need to open and close, so when this is not equal on both sides the jaw will deviate. ... (4 replies)
... without it popping and having to go out of line to close. If I try really hard I can get it to go in a straight line but this causes kind of a shooting pain in one side of my face. ... (4 replies)
... inch taller that the rest of my bottom teeth. That said, I think my jaw is out of line. ... (3 replies)
... I suspect this and the other bones that are out of line are whats causing the spasm too. I am that distressed with the symptoms that my doctor is putting me on antidepressants tomorrow. ... (16 replies)
... It does sound like TMJ symptoms, the first indication is jaw clicking and popping.What is happening is that tension in one side is pulling your jaw out of alignment which is why you feel the clicking when chewing. The pain you are experiencing is due to the constant stress the muscles are under. ... (6 replies)
Upper Jaw Pain
Mar 29, 2013
... Bruxism in majority of cases is caused by stress and anxiety, think of the idiom chewing at something, chew on something. ... (17 replies)
... I went to a tmj doctor.he checked my bite and said everything looked fine. He then noticed my lower jaw when relaxed was crooked like a muscle always pulling on it.but when I bite the teeth line up in a perfect way. ... (6 replies)
TMJ exercises
Jun 13, 2011
... So sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. I also suffer from really intense TMJ pain and have tried almost everything out there to find relief. ... (4 replies)
TMJ and vision
Mar 20, 2011
... If the condyles of the TMJ are positioned too far back within the joint they can impinge on cranial nerves and blood supply. I believe one of the cranial nerves is the nerve connected to the eye. Also constriction of blood flow can affect blood supply to the head, face and eyes. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for the info!! I went to a Chiro for some adjustments, and I came home with a numb tongue which took a week to come right. I decided to go to a physio today - he said my hips are out!!! he said he will do some traction to get them into place do you think this will work?? Thanks again! (3 replies)

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